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Hermo VS Althea, mana lagi best?

Hermo (www.hermo.my) and Althea (my.althea.kr) are both my fav sites kalau nak window shopping beauty products especially from Korea.

My shopping experience with Althea: Althea Haul
My shopping experience with Hermo: Hermo using GDEX

Sooooo, sebenarnya mana lagi best kalau nak beli?

Nature Republic dari Hermo/Althea, original ke tak?

Actually ni last year punya issue hahaha tapi sebab Nature Republic baru keluar public statement, so teringat je lah.

Dua minggu yang lepas, dari instagram Nature Republic Malaysia


Hermo.my is one of my favourite shopping site for beauty products especially from Korea!

[REVIEW] Good Virtues Co Multiple Repair Hair Serum

Product name: Good Virtues Co HELPFUL & DELIGHTFUL Multiple Repair Hair Serum
Size: 100 mL
Price: RM17.30
Availability: Watsons / Guardian
You can also buy it from here: goodvirtuesco.com

[Review] Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick

Brand: Tarte Cosmetics
Collection: Rainforest of the Sea 
Product name: Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick
Shade: Sunkissed
Price: RM90
Availability: Tarte's website. (Not available at Sephora Malaysia)

[Review] Belif Bestsellers

I bought this Belif set sebab saja nak try, especially the Hungarian Water Essence and Aqua Bomb because of the great reviews, but the price for full size is quite expensive. And this brand is quite famous! 

[Review] Coix Seed & Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Gel

Product name: Coix Seed & Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Gel

[Review] Dupe products that I've tried

What is dupe?
Dupe is normally a product that is a similar colour compared to the original / higher-end / expensive product. Dupe ni macam brand yang harga lagi murah tapi warna/formula nak dekat sama dengan brand yang mahal. Tapi bukan fake ok. Fake makeup bahaya, rosak muka. Jangan pakai fake.

[Review] Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special pallete

Honestly I rarely reach for this eyeshadow palette but while I was cleaning my vanity, rasa macam kesiannya dah beli tapi tak guna sangat. The reason why I bought this palette in the first place is because of the greyish shade, my other palettes don't have that kind of shade.

So why not some review?

[TIPS] Pakai tudung bawal guna fabric starch

My forever tips pakai tudung bawal bagi terbentuk elok: 
Guna fabric starch!

From Tarte USA to Malaysia [Online shopping review]

[Review] Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask

Lazada Malaysia Big Baby Fair 2017: Restock nappy!

Haritu Lazada Malaysia ada buat Big Baby Fair, sama tarikh dengan TCE Baby Expo dekat Mid Valley. As a mom, of course I jadi gila sikit kalau ada baby fair. 

Masa Maysaa baru 2 bulan dalam perut, I dah excited pergi TCE Baby Expo 2016, tapi beli nappy dia je lah. Masa tu Pet Pet ada offer, 2 Newborn size and 2 Size S, RM100 je. Terus lah beli buat stock. Tahan sampai Maysaa almost two months.

Bila perasan stock nappy Maysaa dah makin sikit, terus survey berapa sebenarnya harga kalau beli dekat pasar raya biasa. I survey Tesco je sebab dekat and boleh survey online. 

Pet Pet size S, satu pack RM34. Kalau 4 pack, dah RM136.

Bila check dekat Lazada, 4 pack Pet Pet size S ni RM74 je okay! Jimat more than 50%. Memang terus beli.

Order hari Rabu malam, hari Isnin dah sampai dah. Okay lah sebab musim sale mesti ramai orang beli kan.

Yay dah sampai!

Cukup lah kot stock untuk sebulan lebih kan :)

Untuk Lazada Big Baby Fair ni, for me beli nappy baby paling berbaloi. Yang lain tu macam okay lah, tak banyak sangat diskaun tapi berbaloi dari bersesak pergi TCE Baby Expo tu. Lepasni kalau ada sale lagi, confirm nak restock nappy lagi!

*Not a sponsored/ advertisment post. Bought using my own money.

Product Empties #1

My first product empties entry! I have quite a few products that I've used up so why not some mini reviews?

All my empties.

Skincare stuffs.

 #1: Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid
This is my holy grail moisturizer since 7-8 years ago. Only this moisturizer, nothing else. Cewah. Even after trying other moisturizers, I still come back to this one. Suitable for normal/dry skin and sensitive skin. Absorbs quickly, not sticky, smells really nice. Totally recommended! (Price: Around RM40 at Watsons or Guardian)

#2: Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask
Full review here: [REVIEW] INNISFREE SUPER VOLCANIC CLAY MOUSSE MASK. Totally recommended for oily skin! (Price: RM70 at Innisfree store. Also available online at Althea and Hermo)

#3: Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lipbalm
I love the vanilla smell and it totally moisturizes my lips. Really need to do a full review for this lip balm because I love this and totally gonna repurchase! (Price: RM25 at Burt's Bees store)

Body care stuffs

#4: Bath and Body Works's Sweet Pea shower gel
It contains shea butter and vitamin E to keep the skin moisturized. I love the scent! A mix of juicy raspberries & pear kissed. But nothing major on improving my skin. Just a fun shower gel that makes me feel happy while having bath haha

#5: Nivea Deodorant Roll On Dry Comfort
I love the scent and totally makes me dry the whole day! No ketiak basah. 

Makeup stuffs

#6: Wet N Wild Megaclear Mascara
The function is to keep your brows in place. It does a pretty good job. It's actually a clear gel but right now it looks disgusting because of my brow pencil residue. I love this but I'm not sure if I'm gonna repurchase this. Right now I'm using Essence's Eye Brow Fixing Gel. (Price: RM21.90 at SaSa)

#7: Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water
To remove light makeups, dirt and dust. No need to rinse. A bit sticky. More review and comparison here: [REVIEW & COMPARISON] GARNIER, MAYBELLINE & SEPHORA MICELLAR WATER


#8: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic blackhead 3 step program
It contain three strips. The first one is to open the pores. The second one is like the biore black strip, to remove the blackhead. The third one is to tighten back the pores. It works but nothing major. Maybe I need to do if often. I love this but it's quite pricey for only one time use only. (Price: RM11, available at Innisfree store)

#9: Innisfree It's real squeeze mask Strawberry
It claims to makes the skin smooth and bright. For more relaxing sheet mask session, put you sheet mask inside the fridge before using it. I used this sheet mask at the end of the day, before sleeping and it is very soothing. My skin felt soft after using this. (Price: RM5, available at Innisfree store)

Wow, quite a long post with a few Innisfree products. You can find Innisfree store in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Pavillion, Paradigm Mall, Sunway Velocity and KL SOGO.


*Not a sponsored post

[Review] Himalaya Hydrating Face Wash Cream

Product name: Hydrating Face Wash Cream
Size: 150ml

What it claims: Prevents drying. Cleanses and soften dry skin.

My skin type: Dry & sensitive.

Texture: White cream. Tak berbuih sangat.

My thoughts:
I don't really like the smell. Smells weird herbal-ish. I do feel my skin is smooth and clean, however, it doesn't moisturize / hydrates my skin. Nope. I also feel slightly itchy and tight after using this face wash. Irritates my skin a bit. Nothing fancy

Would I recommend this?
Nope. Unless your skin is not sensitive or too dry and you love herbal smell.

First Impression: Ergobaby Original Carrier

I've been surveying quite a few carriers for Maysaa that's suitable for newborn. There are not many options since I'm a bit fussy on the designs (nak yang cantik!) and affordable.

At first I wanted to buy a wrap but after watching some tutorials, I figured out, I'm a lazy person and I'm to lazy to learn how to wrap lilit lilit. Malas and lambat. I want something fast!

This is Boba Wrap. Tapi I malas nak belajar lilit lilit. 

Then, after surveying (googling, read facebook), I decided to buy either Ergobaby original or Boba 4G. Ergobaby is a bit cheaper compared to Boba 4G, but I need to buy the infant insert for newborn which I need to add another RM100. Boba 4G tak perlu beli infant insert sebab dah included. 

Soft Structured Comparison from pinterest.

I wanted to buy Boba 4G at first, but then I found a pink Ergobaby, OMG YES I NEED THIS

I bought mine from Fabulousmom, TTDI branch. Itu pun lepas email and call, because I don't want to buy online, I need to wait for the postage etc etc. Luckily they have one in stock at TTDI branch, terus minta reserve and masa lunch hour terus minta Marwan pergi belikan. Settle.

The price: Around RM400++ for the carrier and RM100 for the infant insert.

Sebab Maysaa kecik lagi, kena duduk dalam infant insert. No crying.

We've used this carrier quite a few times. Even Marwan pun guna walaupun it's pink tapi pakai je lah ye bang :p

Why I bought this carrier?
Sebenarnya ada banyak jenis carrier. Ada yang ergonomic, ada yang tak ergonomic, ada yang fake. Yang tak ergonomic ni macam hipseat, crotch carrier, front facing. Yang tak ergonomic ni bahaya untuk posture baby, kaki tergantung etc.

Ni kalau hipseat carrier, posture tulang belakang baby tak betul. Unless baby dah besar, tulang belakang dia dah kuat. Tapi kalau baby dah besar/berat, kita la pulak yang berat nak bawak dia.

Yang ni carrier yang narrow. Hips boleh dislocated. 

Kalau yang fake, taktahu dia guna material apa, jahitan macam mana, nanti entah entah bawak baby, tali terputus, jatuh pulak baby tiba tiba. 

Hence, I opt for Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). Lagi satu, sementara baby masih ringan, senang pakai baby carrier instead of stroller. Lagi cepat. Lagipun kalau baby nangis dalam carrier, boleh terus buai buai dia, sebab dia dah memang melekat. Tak tahu lah nanti macam mana, kita tengok dulu, Sebab tak ada pengalaman lagi. 

But mostly I read from Malaysian Babywearer facebook group.

What I love about this carrier (setakat ni):
1. Maysaa didn't cry -- Whats the point of having a good carrier tapi baby taknak duduk kan? She can sleeps easily in this carrier
2. Easy to wear
3. I love the design? Can it be considered? Haha
4. Got pocket so I can put my money, phone, keys.
5. Comfortable, ergonomic and safe

The pocket

1. Infant insert ni kena guna sampai baby 5.5kg atau bila leher dia dah cukup kuat nak support kepala. Hence, additional RM100 for the infant insert that I'm gonna use for only 3-4 months.
2. Using the infant insert is a bit tricky for the first time. I watched the tutorial for almost 10 times and still can't get it right. (Or maybe I memang lembab tak faham bahasa kot hahaha) -- But now, it is not a problem anymore.
3. The infant insert is quite stuffy and thick. Panas. Kalau tempat tak aircond, memang berpeluh baby. Tak sesuai outdoor. Dalam mall takpe.

Overall, I love this carrier! Hopefully we can use this carrier sampai Maysaa dah besar. However, if Boba 4G suddenly comes out with pink carrier, I'd buy Boba 4G for the next baby! No need infant insert and cheaper.

*Not a sponsored post. Writing this because ramai tanya pasal this carrier after I posted on instagram.

Esther Postpartum Care: What I miss

I spent my first week of confinement in Esther Confinement Care. Now that I've finished my confinement period, there's a few things that I really miss about the center.

1. The routine. 

Every morning, nurses will come to check on you, and if there's anything they can do to help, and I can always ask them about any body changes, any pain or discomfort and they'll always willing to help and advice. They will also check on the baby, and my mind will be at ease knowing both the baby and myself are in an excellent condition.

I also miss the food routine, where I always eat on time. No need to worry about food, at all. After postpartum, I always need to think about food and sometimes I'm to lazy to cook, I just eat whatever left in the fridge haha. At Esther, they will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. With addition two soups.

2. Qualified nurse who is always available 24/7. 

All I need to do is press the bell or call them and they will come right away! The center is also support breastfeeding and encourage new mother to breastfeed. (But it's okay if you can't or you don't want to, the nurses will take care and feed the baby so new mummies can have a good rest).

As for me, I want to breastfeed my baby, hence the nurses will teach me the techniques on breastfeeding, how to reduce engorgement (which is very useful!), and they even let me use their breast pump to stock up my milk supply, just in case I want to have a good night sleep, my baby can still be fed.

One of the night there, my baby was crying non-stop and I didn't know what to, luckily the nurses there helped me to calm down my crying baby. I'd go crazy if there's no help since I have no idea on how to calm down the baby. Thank god everything went okay!

3. The environment. 

Whats the point of having a top notch service but the environment is not that good. I've been surveying and googling a few confinement centers in KL specifically and in my opinion, Esther provides the most luxurious and comfortable place to stay for the confinement period. You can read my first impression here: ESTHER POSTPARTUM CARE REVIEW: MY FIRST IMPRESSION. It's a new, clean, spacious center with security doors and CCTV.

You guys can refer to the brochure I've attached here for more info:

Hopefully I can come back to this center, for the next baby maybe? :p

Thankyou nurses!

Thankyou everyone

Bye Esther! Thankyou for everything <3

Other entries on Esther Postpartum Care:

Their address:
Kaseh 1 (Ground Floor) Cinta Condominium, 
No.1, Jalan Madge, Taman U Thant, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Or you can call them at +603-2181 5995, or simply email them at estherpostpartum@gmail.com

For more info and packages, you can visit their facebook: facebook.com/estherpostpartumcare

Or website: estherpostpartumcare.com

My fav SILKYGIRL cosmetics's products

Silky Girl products ni memang famous dari zaman sekolah dulu which is 10 years ago. Dari dulu semua products dia best. I remember buying their eyeshadow lepastu eyeshadow tu jatuh habis berderai. Sedih. 

But for this entry, I'm gonna pick my most fav items from Silky Girl.

#1: Expert Brow Slim Liner

Price: RM21.90

Why I love:
1. Retractable. Which means I dont have to sharp it. Pulas pulas je dia keluar.
2. Spoolie brush at the opposite end to groom and blend the colour
3. Easy to use for beginner, blends well

What I don't love about it:
Senang patah. Tak boleh tekan kuat sangat.

Overall, it's one of the best eyebrow pencil!

#2 Long wearing eyeliner

This is my eyeliner since high school! My first eyeliner and also the best. Tak ingat berapa kali dah beli ni.

Why I love:
1. Glides easily
2. Good colour pay off
3. Easy to use
4. For natural/everyday look
5. Retractable

#3 Eye opener water proof mascara

Price: Around RM10++

Why I love:
1. Easy to wear
2. Although it says waterproof, it's actually not that waterproof (which is a good thing actually), hence it is easily removed. I don't fancy waterproof mascara
3. Lengthening 
4. Cheaaaap!

What I don't like about it:
1. Clumps easily. One or two coating is enough

#4 Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Why I love:
Pigmented, kissproof, longlasting.

The swatches of Expert Brow Slim Liner 020 Dark Brown, Long wearing eyeliner in Black and Dark Brown, Matte Junkie Lipcream in Retro

#5 Be Mine Roll On Perfume

This is a true legend! Since high school. Since 10 years ago!

Dulu rasanya ada banyak choices and famous sangat, rasa nak beli semua bau. But this one, "Be Mine" is personal favourite. Letak dalam bag makeup for "just in case" situation. 

That's all. Thanks!

*Not a sponsored post. Bought everything with my own money.

Esther Postpartum Care: Review after the stay

As a first time mum, motherhood is very exciting, yet scary. The joy having a newborn and the awkwardness to handle them. Luckily I got the chance to stay at Esther Postpartum Care.

What is Esther Postpartum Care?

Esther Postpartum Care is a place where new mummies can have a little "vacation" after their delivery. After delivery, new mummies can right away stay at this place, have a good rest where everything is taken care of. You don't have to worry about doing the laundry, cook for yourself, your health and healing process, and most importantly, how to adjust your life with your newborn baby.

It's a place where you can have so many supports, from the qualified nurse on your new journey of breastfeeding, newborn care and your physical and mental wellbeing. 

The first few days are very important as new mummies need to bond with the newborn baby and the transition period is a roller-coaster of emotion so it's really great to have supports. Most importantly, you can just have a rest and focus only on the baby.

There are so many things that I learn from staying here on handling a newborn baby and also, to take care of myself. I have all the time to bond with my newborn without worrying about other things. It makes me more confident in handling my newborn, especially with the guidance from the qualified nurses there.

They even organize some classes for new mummies. I got the chance to attend a class on baby bath and after attending the class, I am more confidence to bath my baby, especially after coming home from the center. Of course it was awkward at first but after my first time, I feel like I'm a pro already. It's not that hard, seriously :p

In addition to that, they'll focus on the recovery of the body, hence they'll provide body massage and light exercise.

The yoga place.

What I like about the dessert/soup that they serve everyday which is red dates and barley, is a very good milk booster. It can really increase the breast milk supply and I totally love this! You can totally do this at home too. Just boil the red dates and barley, and you're good to go!

My red dates and barley soup.

The food that they serve is also focus to regain health and made from fresh ingredient. For muslims, you don't need to worry because the food is from halal source. The recipe is from Taiwan so it's a bit different from your normal tastebud but seriously, it's good!

Brown rice with steamed fish, herbal soup, mushroom and vegetables. And kiwi. (I also don't know the specific name of the food haha)

This one is for breakfast. I requested sandwich because normally they'll serve quite a big portion of food, you'll be so full!

They even serve spagheti!

I really don't know what this is, but the soup is sweet and the fillings are red beans (like eating pau kacang)

I love this dish, the daging kicap is seriously the best! 

Other entries on Esther Postpartum Care:

Their address:
Kaseh 1 (Ground Floor) Cinta Condominium, 
No.1, Jalan Madge, Taman U Thant, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Or you can call them at +603-2181 5995, or simply email them at estherpostpartum@gmail.com

For more info and packages, you can visit their facebook: facebook.com/estherpostpartumcare

Or website: estherpostpartumcare.com