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Wet N Wild Rose In The Air Palette Review

This palette is one of my wishlist dah lama gila ever since I knew it's a dupe for ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

I 've been waiting for them to arrive in Malaysia, and setiap hari pergi check Sasa. And terus beli tanpa berfikir panjang! (Malas nak preorder dekat igshop). So here is my thoughts on em!

Colourpop You Had Me At Hello Shadow Palette Review

Another eyeshadow palette review. Colourpop You Had Me At Hello!

Colourpop SHE eyeshadow palette review

I just realized that this palette is no longer on Colourpop's website so I don't even know what is the point of doing a review on this. Bukannya boleh beli pun. Unless some igshops yang still ada stock...

So anyways, I will still do a mini review on this palette 

dUCkcosmetics first impression & swatches review

I've been duCk-ed! I've always wanted to buy dUCk, tapi, I don't normally wear the shawl. The tudung bawal, tak ada yang plain and it's not cheap.

So, when they released, dUCkcosmetics, I was so excited! Finally, something I can buy.

duckcosmetics review

[Review] Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special pallete

Honestly I rarely reach for this eyeshadow palette but while I was cleaning my vanity, rasa macam kesiannya dah beli tapi tak guna sangat. The reason why I bought this palette in the first place is because of the greyish shade, my other palettes don't have that kind of shade.

So why not some review?

[REVIEW] E.L.F Cosmetics

I got these ELF makeups about 4 months ago, tapi sekarang baru sempat nak review! Bought it from my husband's friend, tiba tiba je Marwan offer, "Nak makeup ELF tak? Bagi lah list kalau nak". Eh jangan offer offer, terus I buat list. Satu malam tak tidur sebab nak pilih apa.... #gigih

Blush Palette (Light)
Got four gorgeous shades, but I normally use the first and second one. (Pink barbie gitu and orangey shade which sometimes I use for bronzing)

A little powdery. Best kalau buttery/creamy (lembut macam butter gitu, baru lah senang nak apply dekat pipi, takdelah berdebu debu). One of the reason why I bought this palette is because Kathleen Lights recommended it in this video: here! You can skip to minute 12.54. Overall, I like this blush sebab senang nak apply, matte, pigmented (pakai sikit pun dah nampak, kalau pakai banyak nanti nampak macam clown pulak), affordable and got a huge mirror. Senang bawak travel.

Light pink, light brown peach(orangey), mauve-rosy pink, coral pink

Contouring Blush & Bronzing powder in St Lucia

I love ELF because of the sleek design, all black and most importantly, casing dia tak senang terbuka so tak risau dia terbuka dalam makeup bag, nanti habis bersepah. I bought this because people claim that it is a dupe for NARS Orgasm Blusher and Laguna Bronzer. When I read about this, Im like, okay, KENA BELI.

The blusher which is in peachy pink shade, is a bit shimmering. Kalau kulit melayu ni, macam tak nampak sangat pun blusher dia so I rarely use this blusher. The bronzer is matte cool brown shade, suitable for contouring for beginners! My one and only bronzer for contouring right now haha because sebelum ni pakai brown eyeshadow je for contouring. #serbaguna

Prism Eyeshadow in Sunset

I honestly don't know why I bought this palette. At first I wanted to buy another one tapi dah habis stock, so I settled for this one. The only colour that attracts me is the gold one. All are shimmery, pigmented, almost creamy. I rarely use this palette because of the colours, tak natural for everyday use and taktahu nak pakai pergi mana so..... Memang tak pakai sangat.

But if you love the shimmering and the colours, then buy! The quality is quite good and its gorgeous! Look at the colours!

Brow Kit (dark)
The dark one is the gel, the lighter one is the powder. Used it to make my brows more 'defined' tapi macam takde beza pun bila pakai... Easy to apply, but the brush tu macam tak best sangat.

Matte Lip Colour in Praline
The first time I saw the swatch, I'm like, OKAY NAK. But of course, bila pakai je mesti jadi warna lain dari swatch. Here is me, wearing the lipstick.

Abaikan orang sebelah tu, sebab dia watak yang tak penting dalam review ini.

How the swatch looks like in google:

Apparently its too brown for my skin tone, I was imagining a pinkier tone. Hence, tak best nak pakai selalu. It's pigmented and matte, and I'd love to try out other colours. Maybe next time bila ada peluang.

That's all. Thanks for reading!