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Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay Review

I bought this a long long time ago, tapi baru sekarang rasa nak review

Skincare 101: Exfoliator

Today, I'm gonna share only the basics about exfoliation. Disclaimer, I'm not a professional tau. I'm just love reading about skincare. 

Beauty products in the fridge!

There are some beauty products that I store in the fridge. Yes!

Olay moisturizing lotion review

My all time favourite moisturizer, Olay Moisturizing Lotion.

Missha The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist Review

This essence is one of my skincare wishlist last year. It has soooooo many great reviews!

Skincare 101: How to know your skin type?

The basic thing you need to know about skincare, is your skin type. Whether it's oily, dry, combination or normal?

Lily Jubah daripada ariffscottage RM48 je?

I am going to share kat mana nak dapatlan jubah cecantik yang simple, harga pun so affordable. RM48 je!

Wishtrend experience - Malaysia

Sharing my experience with Wishtrend!

PappaRich Pavilion KL | Nasi Ayam Kampung Hainan Steam

Haritu pergi PappaRich dekat Pavillion sebab nak try Bread O Clock dengan Nasi Ayam Kampung Hainan Steam asalnya.

Bread O Clock PappaRich Pavilion

Drugstore concealers, what I've tried

All drugstore concealers that I have tried. My main concern is to conceal my under eyes, due to my bad dark circles :(

Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, Wet n Wild Photofocus Concealer

Skincare 101: How to create your own skincare routine?

Which one is first, cleanse or scrub? How about essence, toner, serum? Apa beza dia?

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer Review

New concealer review! It's Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer review. Amboi kemain panjang nama ye.

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review - Illuminating

I saw this Clay Mask and terus rasa nak beli, sebab bau dia best and packaging dia macam comel.

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review

SERV - car service anywhere

Normally for me, kalau nak service kereta, biasa kena pergi kedai. Kalau kereta baru, pergi service dekat tempat service biasalah. Kalau kereta yang dah lama, mana mana bengkel pun ok je.

Rupanya I baru tahu, ada service SERV Malaysia ni, just buat booking online and mekanik akan datang rumah, or mana mana la yang korang nak untuk service kereta. Senang gila...

Maysaa's solid food (6 months) - puree

Nak share puree yang I buatkan untuk Maysaa since dia dah boleh makan :)

Samples review - Innisfree Orchid

I am going to review the Innisfree Orchid line! 

Innisfree Orchid Skin, Essence, Lotion and Cream

New semester, what to do?

Semester baru, semangat baru lah kan? So let me share what you need to do!

"The beginning is always today"

Samples review - Innisfree Green Tea

Samples again! These samples sebenarnya dah lama dah dapat, you can actually request dekat Innisfree store, kalau diorang ada stock.

 Innisfree green tea seed serum and Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Samples review (Cosrx)

Few samples that I received masa beli Cosrx haritu at Hermo.

Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid, Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence, Advanced Snail All in One Cream and Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask.

Heimish All Clean Balm Review

The main reason why I bought this cleansing balm is because of the packaging....

Heimish All Clean Balm Review

SKINCARE 101: All about facial masks that I've tried

I am going to share all the facial masks that I've tried, what is the function of each masks and when to use them :)

Sheet mask, sleeping mask, exfoliating mask, clay mask, mud mask, DIY mask, apa beza semua ni?

Skincare 101: All about toner

About toners:

Offspring Natural Review

I always saw this Offspring Natural products featured on instagram and I always eye-ing on their products because they have cute fashion diapers and all the designs are pretty. (Such a sucker for pretty designs, yes I know...) I almost nearly bought the trial pack from their website but I decided to wait (I'll link it down below on how you can buy the trial pack) 

And finally, I got the chance to try and share with you guys what I love about this product.

Mummy is 767898 times happier than Maysaa actually. Because I've been scrolling their websites and wanting to buy ALL THE PRODUCTS. I WANT NEED ALLLLLL.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer Review

Another concealer review. Yes, I am into concealers, so do expect more reviews on concealers :)

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk Review

Another sunscreen review! So today, I am going to share my thoughts on Biore UV Perfect Face Milk.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation Review

I'm not really a foundation kind of girl. I only have 1-2 foundations, and this is only my third foundation that I've tried. 

However, this Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation got a lot of great reviews and suitable for dry skin like me? And of course, it's soooo affordable!

Is Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation good?

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

I am so into concealers right now. The main reason why I love (and need) a concealer is to hide my dark circles. Yes. #MumsProblem

Maysaa's first flight experience

Maysaa's first flight experience tapi bukan pergi jauh pun. Pi Kelantan je, tu pun sebab nak attend my sister's wedding yang belah lelaki.

Skincare routine - Combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type

I am going to start a new SKINCARE ROUTINE series on my blog, with skincare routines / mini reviews from my friends with different skin types. This is actually Melle's idea. Click here for her twitter account: NourrAmir.

 Since I have dry skin, it's hard for me to suggest skincare for other skin types, kan? So, hopefully, this might help you, kalau ada yang skin type lebih kurang.

I am going to start with my friend, Anisa's skincare routine. Her twitter: NisaAnysa

dUCkcosmetics first impression & swatches review

I've been duCk-ed! I've always wanted to buy dUCk, tapi, I don't normally wear the shawl. The tudung bawal, tak ada yang plain and it's not cheap.

So, when they released, dUCkcosmetics, I was so excited! Finally, something I can buy.

duckcosmetics review