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Skincare routine - Combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type

I am going to start a new SKINCARE ROUTINE series on my blog, with skincare routines / mini reviews from my friends with different skin types. This is actually Melle's idea. Click here for her twitter account: NourrAmir.

 Since I have dry skin, it's hard for me to suggest skincare for other skin types, kan? So, hopefully, this might help you, kalau ada yang skin type lebih kurang.

I am going to start with my friend, Anisa's skincare routine. Her twitter: NisaAnysa

About Anisa's skin
Skin type: Combination
Skin concern: Acne-prone, sensitive

What Anisa says:
Since this is my first time doing a review, I hope it helps you guys out there that have the same skin type as mine ~ a combination, acne-prone, sensitive skin type. I think I have the worst skin type but I am thankful as I don’t have eczema. 

Currently, I am on Acnotin 10 a few more days. Similar to Roaccutane, it is a controlled medicine for acne so you can’t buy this from drugstores like Guardian or Watson. I strongly recommend for you guys with a severe acne problem to make an appointment with a dermatologist for consultation. It helps! Don’t make fighting acne a lonely journey. I faham je kalau rasa rendah diri atau “insecure” bila ada banyak jerawat. I have been there. Cut your junk food intake, eat more fruits, veges and drink lots of plain water. Korang detox dari dalam okay? 

Honestly, I owe it to Iman because she is extremely diligent in doing her research about skin care products that we all can benefit from and also Joanne Kim’s youtube channel. Otherwise, I would not know where to begin. 

Skincare routine for combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type

Morning routine

1. Cleanser - Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel 200ml 

 Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel review 

What she says about it?
I have been using this product for almost 3 years and I am hooked! Over the last 15 years I have tried Sebamed, Cetaphil, Proactive, Thursdays’ Plantation Tea Tree Daily Face Foaming Cleanser, and Garden of Eden Rosa T mild cleanser and nothing can compare to the wonders that Avene did for my skin. 

It claims to be soap-free and suitable for oily, blemish-prone skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. This cleanser removes excess oil without drying out my skin, and leaves my face feeling clean and soft after using it each time. No redness or flaky skin. Je t’aime avene! 

The blue colour liquid comes in a transparent bottle with an easy to use dispenser. Oh! You won’t need much of that blue liquid to clean your face. It lasted me for almost a year! Totally worth it! 

Where to buy: Guardian, Watson, Sasa / Online 
Price: RM64 - RM70 
Would she repurchase? A hundred times yes! 

2. Toner - The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner 250ml 

What she says about it?
On the bottle, it says that this toner is fragrance-free, colourant-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, formulated for sensitive skin and that the aloe vera came from Campeche, Mexico. It also claims to removes traces of make-up and cleanser and instantly soothes skin. 

Tapi, masa pertama kali pakai I tak suka, sebab muka I rasa panas. I guess that’s my skin first reaction towards a new toner. A few weeks into it, I think it’s okay. Does not irritate my skin and does it job. Okay la tu. 

Where to buy: The Body Shop 
Price: Around RM69 
Would she repurchase?: No. She just want to finish this bottle because she wanna religiously start using her Klairs Supple Preparation Toner (ni lagi best!)  -- I am also can't wait to use this toner, wait for the review :P

3. Essence - Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml 

What she says about it?
I love love love this product! Comes in travel-friendly packaging and at first I thought this essence comes in a bottle made of glass cause this would scream disaster! It actually comes in a plastic bottle with a cap! So takdelah tertekan pump tu kan? 

This essence hydrates your skin and makes your skin feel more elastic and moist and I think that this essence secretly repairs my skin cause I feel like it looks more radiant now! Haha. So far I have not experience any breakouts or redness because of this product. Make sure you guys do a patch testing! Jangan lupa okay? 

Where to buy: Hermo 
Price: RM65 
Would she repurchase?: Definitely! She can’t live without this one

Caution: Some people are allergic with snail, cause breakout and irritations. I read some reviews, some LOVE this product , tapi ada yang jadi breakout teruk. Again, patch test dulu, okay?

4. Serum - Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum 30ml 

What she says about it?
This product claims to effectively control oil and avoid pores enlarging with witch hazel leaf extract and vitamin B3 to help pore astringent and larcyl to diminish and tighten pores effectively. 

My first impression, this product smells like bubble gum <3 I use this product twice a day. Makes my skin feels slightly sticky, and looks glossy but doesn’t cause dryness or irritates my skin. 

I think my pores look smaller now but there is not much difference at my nose area. I guess you guys just need to keep your pores clean and follow your skin care routine diligently. Then, only you can see the difference. 

Where to buy: Sasa 
Price: $$$ 
Would she repurchase: No 

5. Moisturizer - Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream 

What she says about it?
As much as as I love my fresh rose deep hydration face cream (cost me RM210 a jar!) and promised myself that I would never switch to another product and will always be loyal to. 

However *drum roll* 

One fine day, Cosrx was having their first anniversary sale. So, I’ve decided to this product a try and sort of…. fell in love haha 

This comes with a spatula so you won’t be dipping your finger in the jar. You just need a scoop and you are set. A little goes a long way. Jimat! I suka. 

It moisturizes my skin better than fresh did, doesn’t cause any breakouts, neither my face becomes oily. Honestly, it’s very hard for me to get the right moisturizer for my skin type (like finding a future husband. But..let us not go there) cause I need the ones that doesn’t make my skin feels oily, causes breakouts, clog my pores, causes rashes or makes my skin becomes red, and also it can’t be too rich and creamy. Susah okay! 

Almost all of the other moisturizes that I’ve tried causes breakouts and sometimes makes my skin feels itchy (except Fresh) but this product is being very nice to my skin. The texture is creamy/watery, not too thick and has a pleasant smell. Oh and it doesn’t makes my skin becomes oily <3 

Where to buy: Hermo 
Price: RM72.00 
Would she repurchase: Yes 

6. Sunscreen - Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 

What she says about it?
I have been using this sunscreen for a few years now. It has broad spectrum with fernblock photo-immunoprotection technology. I have to admit… I memang tak tahan panas 

A few years back, my doctor suggested that I shouldn’t be playing too much under the sun. But I am the type of person who loves the beach so much. Plus, I have a beach just in front of my campus! (no, I don’t study in Malibu if you must know.) Hello?? Obviously I ignored what he said. Degil. Memang pun. My usual sunscreen would become runny after a few hours in the sun, and causes breakouts every now and then. So I decided to ditch the sunscreen at the time and guess what?? More breakouts! 

So one fine day, I found this product at a clinic and decided to give it a try. This product protects your skin from UVA & UVB with their fernblock technology. 

What is fernblock technology? This genius group of people uses fern extract combined with green tea extract to create to provide biological photo-protection. It has a gel-like texture and can easily be applied on your skin. The colour of the gel is light brown, but becomes colourless when applied. This sunscreen protects my skin from the sun and doesn’t cause breakouts or makes my skin oily.

Remember to reapply every 2 hours if you are travelling! 

Where to buy: Alpro pharmacy/ online
 Price: Around RM99 (A bit on the expensive side but totally worth it) 
Would she repurchase?: This is her HG product! 

Night Routine 

Her night skincare routine is exactly as her day routine but she added 1 step before she uses my Avene Cleanance cleansing gel and 1 more step after she puts on her Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream. 

1. Oil based cleanser - B.Pure Micellar Oil 150ml 

What she says?
This is oil to milk cleanser that dissolve your makeup and removes impurities. It claims to suit all skin types even the most sensitive skin. I love this product because it effectively removes my waterproof make-up and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It contains pomegranate seed oil, chia seed oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. 

However, I do find this product smells a lil bit funny. Don’t smell it! It’s a cruelty free product and suitable for all vegan :) Sadly, I have never seen this product in Malaysia. 

Where to buy: Superdrug UK / online 
Price: 3 pounds 
Would I repurchase: Of course! Current one dah nak habis. 

2. Sleeping mask - Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask 

What she says?
Two words ~ great product. 

Why? When I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels so soft and full of moisture! It doesn’t irritate my skin or causes breakouts. I love the smell of this product. It’s very calming and helps me to sleep. 

Rasa macam nak habiskan satu bekas dalam satu malam haha (okay ni over. Melawak je) 

Where to buy: Sephora, Laneige counter, Hermo 
Price: $$ 
Would I repurchase: Yes 

Last but not least, I hope the above information helps you to find a good product for you. You do you! And THANK YOU IMAN! Penat dah type ni OMG!! *pengsan*

To summarize, product mana yang Anisa rasa best gila untuk combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type:
Water-based Cleanser: Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel
Essence: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
Moisturizer: Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream
Sunscreen: Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 
Oil-based Cleanser: B.Pure Micellar Oil
Sleeping mask: Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask 

Hopefully this will help you in finding products that are suitable for your skin, especially combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type ! Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: Every skin is different. What works for her, might not work for you. This is just her personal experience)