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Loreal Pure Clay Mask review - Illuminating

I saw this Clay Mask and terus rasa nak beli, sebab bau dia best and packaging dia macam comel.

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review

About the product:
Product Name: Loreal Pure Clay Mask - Illuminating
Product Brand: Loreal
Product Type: Clay Mask
Size: 50 g
Price: RM 42.90 - Tapi dapat diskaun RM39.80
Availability: Guardian, Watsons

What is claims?
British Kaolin Clay sometimes called the White Clay. It gently cleanses to reveal soft, radiant skin. Infused with lemongrass extract and exfoliating beads to renew skin. Its soft texture is easy to wash off.

Immediately: Skin is cleansed and brightened, instantly renewed.
Day after day: Skin revealed is soft and radiant.

How to use?
1. Apply after cleanser & toner
2. Wait 10 mins
3. Rinse off

Recommended to be used 2-3 times a week.

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review

The packaging:
The product comes in a 50g glass car with screwable plastic cap. Not really hygienic sebab kena celup tangan dalam tu. Takde spatula.

The colour/consistency/texture:
Grey thick creamy clay

The scent:
Bau serai! Sebab dia ada lemongrass extract.

My experience
Again, I have dry skin. So, it is not recommended to use clay mask if you have dry skin. Sebab clay mask ni mengeringkan. Nanti kulit jadi lagi kering. Tapi I pakai je dekat area hidung, saja nak try. Clay mask is good for oily & combination skin.

First impression, it is not creamy sangat, macam berbiji tapi okay je, apply pun senang je. Although sebenarnya bekas dia kecil and kena scoop out banyak. Confirm cepat habis. I also love the smell, bau serai. I like this kind of smell, rasa refreshing!

Masa pakai, best je, takde rasa pedih ke tight feeling ke, takde. Best je. Tapi bila basuh, ya rabbi susah. Kalau pakai banyak, memang susah nak tanggalkan and dia jadi warna putih putih dekat kulit. I don't like it!

Gently cleanses to reveal soft, radiant skin? -  Yes, my skin feels soft and smooth. Radiant tu tak sure, tak nampak sangat.
Soft texture and easy to wash off? - I DISAGREE! Sangat susah nak bilas, I don't know why.

They have three types, anti-pores, illuminating and hydration.

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review

Loreal Pure Clay Mask review

For your information, this is the Asian version (or tak tahu lah, sebab dekat Malaysia yang dekat drugstore, ada yang ni je), lain dari yang UK punya version yang famous and best gila. Formulation lain.

Yang UK punya version ni ada orang kata boleh dapat dekat airport KLIA2 tapi lepas check in, so kena ada ticket. I haven't found it yet. SASA pun orang kata ada jugak. Tapi kalau jumpa, rasa nak beli sebab nampak best and reviews pun banyak yang best!

Personally for me, I prefer Innisfree Clay Mask. Cheaper and really works. But this is just my personal preference.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought everything using my own money. And, every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)

Thanks for reading!