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Offspring Natural Review

I always saw this Offspring Natural products featured on instagram and I always eye-ing on their products because they have cute fashion diapers and all the designs are pretty. (Such a sucker for pretty designs, yes I know...) I almost nearly bought the trial pack from their website but I decided to wait (I'll link it down below on how you can buy the trial pack) 

And finally, I got the chance to try and share with you guys what I love about this product.

Mummy is 767898 times happier than Maysaa actually. Because I've been scrolling their websites and wanting to buy ALL THE PRODUCTS. I WANT NEED ALLLLLL.

Offspring Natural Review

What I have from Offspring Natural:

  1. Baby wipes
  2. Featherlite Ultra-thin Diapers
  3. Fashion Diapers
  4. Head-to-toe wash
  5. Nourishing Baby Lotion
  6. Calming Baby Oil
  7. Breathe Free Chestrub Balm
  8. Soothing Nappy Balm

Offspring Natural Baby Wipes

The price is RM8.00 for 20 wipes and RM15.00 for 80 wipes. I love this wipes because it's thick and soft. It's gentle for baby's soft skin as it doesn't have all the nasty ingredients (SLS, alcohol, etc etc) so I know this wipes are safe. I even used it sometimes, to remove my makeup. (Sorry Maysaa :P)

Offspring Natural Featherlite Ultra-thin Diapers

I tried this on Maysaa during the night and surprisingly, it can last the whole night without leaking and with no smelly odour. Mummy approves! It is so thin and comfortable. No nappy rash. I did raved about this diapers on my instagram story on how good this diaper is! Maysaa is wearing the M size, 66 diapers for RM78.00 (normal price) but they always have some discount.

Offspring Natural Fashion Diapers

This diaper is the most fun thing because it has so many designs to choose! Maysaa is in M size, 44 diapers for RM50.00. (RM1.14 each). No need to wear pants since the design is so cute :P

Again, the quality is as equal as the Featherlite Ultra-thin Diapers. So thin, no leakage and very comfortable. I hope they'll release more pretty designs so I can buy all. #tamak

Offspring Natural Complete Essential Bundles

They have five products for RM180 (normal price RM320) which are the Gentle Head-to-toe Wash, Nourishing Baby Lotion, Calming Baby Oil, Breathe Free Chestrub Balm and lastly, the Soothing Nappy Balm.

All the products are suitable for newborns and safe from all the nasty ingredients. They are absolutely free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or parfum, synthetic colours, T.E.A, D.E.A, Glycols, Silicones, PEGS, Ethoxylates, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde derivatives. So yes, I am absolutely confident with all the products as I know, it won't harm my baby and all the ingredients are great! I am always paranoid when applying any skincare products for my baby, as I am afraid for the harmful ingredients in it. 

The normal routine for Maysaa is firstly, I'll bathe her in her bath tub and using the Gentle Head-To-Toe Wash. No need separate soap and shampoo. This wash is enough for babies!  What I love about this product is the packaging that has a pump. Any mothers know that it is so hard to bathe your baby WITHOUT a wash with a pump. I need a pump. I desperately need it (Or it's just me?) but seriously thanks for having a pump. It makes my life so easy when bathing Maysaa. It's also gentle enough, doesn't make her skin dry (very moisturizing) and there's not much soap (which I like) and the smell is so nice. No weird fake floral/fruity smell. Just a nice soothing natural smell. Before this, Maysaa has rashes around her neck (due to sweating), but after using this head to toe wash for 2-3 weeks, her rashes are getting better! Gentle Head-to-toe Wash (RM69.90 RM55.90) 240ml

After rinse and pat dry everything, I'll apply the Soothing Nappy Balm to prevent any rashes before putting on either the fashion diaper or ultra thin diaper, depends on my mood. This nappy balm is very good to protects the nappy area. This is to keep the bottoms smooth and delicate while prevent from diaper rash. I used it when I noticed there is a slight rash. It works wonderfully! Soothing Nappy Balm (RM59.00 RM45.00) 45g

Next, I'll massage her using the Calming Baby Oil for 5-10 minutes. I love this baby oil to massage Maysaa. The smell is so calming and it helps to protect baby's delicate skin. Maysaa really enjoys her massage session and it is also my time to bond with her. She also sleeps easily after our massage session. Calming Baby Oil (RM69.90 RM55.90) 45g

After the massage, I'll the Nourishing Baby Lotion. I love the texture of this lotion, very creamy that can moisturize and protect the baby's skin. It absorbs quite fast and not greasy. It also has a pump so it makes it easier to dispense the product. The smell is also nice, no fake smell, just natural. I think this product all smells the same. All the dryness, gone. This is a must have and I always bring this along, everywhere I go. Nourishing Baby Lotion (RM59.90 RM 45.90) 90ml

Then, I put on her clothes, comb her hair, and we're done! When Maysaa has stuffy nose, I normally use the Breathe Free Chestrub to relieves nose congestion. I just rub this on her chest and back gently, before going to sleep so that she can have a good night sleep. It is really soothing and relaxing. I am so gonna bring this everywhere, especially when travelling. MUST HAVE.  Breathe Free Chestrub (RM59.00 RM45.00) 45g

Overall Offspring Natural

I absolutely LOVE everything from Offspring Natural. The wipes are great, the diapers are very soft and thin, the essential bundles are great for baby's skin. I love the smell and I love how it is safe for babies. I really recommend these products to all parents who are always paranoid (like me). At least you know, this product is safe, (AND CUTE)! Great for pictures and flatlays too :)

I'll definitely going to repurchase over and over again.


For more information or if you guys are interested to buy too, here is the link:

You can have RM10 off for your first purchase with minimum purchase of RM50
It also offers free delivery with orders above RM150 

For trial pack, here is the link: offspringnatural.com/product-category/trial 

You can choose either the Fashion Diaper Trial Pack, Ultra-Thin Diaper Trial Pack or Ultra-Thin Pant Trial Pack. All trial packs are for RM10 each.

Don't forget to share with me if you guys have tried all of these products!

Thank you for reading.