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My Newborn Checklist (2020)

 My newborn checklist!

Pengalaman Bersalin 2.0

Second delivery journey

My pantang checklist (2020)

 Iman's pantang checklist (2020)

Maysaa's Wean Off Journey

I've shared about this here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2UTYtMnTAs/

Maysaa's Travel Kit

Maysaa's Travel Kit

Maysaa's First International Flight Experience

Maysaa's first international flight to Phuket with Mummy and Daddy!

Maysaa's Toys (12M +)

Yang ni I listkan toys to encourage fine motor skill (coordination). Suitable for 12 months ++

Buat passport Maysaa

Nak share cara untuk buat passport baby, atau kanak-kanak bawah 12 tahun.

Maysaa & Daddy kena Influenza A

Mula mula Daddy yang tak sihat. Batuk batuk, demam. Lepastu Maysaa pulak berjangkit. Daddy tak risau sangat sebab orang tua kan. Tapi bila Maysaa demam, kitorang terus bawa pergi klinik. #Risau 

Homemade chicken broth for Maysaa.

Harini nak share how I buat chicken broth untuk Maysaa. I buat ni since Maysaa 8-9 bulan.

Maysaa's body washes review

I've tried quite a few body washes for Maysaa so here is my mini reviews on them :)

Best baby diapers for Maysaa? + mini reviews

Maysaa is already 12 months! So yang ni I listkan diapers yang pernah try and some mini reviews. Dulu masa mengandung, I pun tak tahu nak beli diapers yang mana. Banyak gilaaaa. So hopefully, this post may help you!

Some diapers that I've tried. Ada yang dah buang so tak ada dalam gambar.

Disclaimer: Semua baby tak sama. Ada baby yang kulit sensitive, tak boleh pakai sembarangan. Ada baby yang membuang banyak. So this is just a general review je.

Baby gear: My must haves list for Maysaa!

I know, as a first time parent, you feel like buying everything. Me too. I feel like buying everything and obsessed with my "to-buy list".

So, I am going to share with you some of the baby gear that I can't live without and some yang, I tak guna sangat pun sebenarnya haha

Yu Yee Oil | Must-haves baby item

Hi. Today, I am going to share about the famous Yu Yee oil! I bet everyone knows how great this oil already.

Maysaa & Yu Yee Oil

My first breastfeeding journey | 9 months

I have been fully direct breastfeeding Maysaa for 9 months. Fuh 9 months dah. I never thought I'll gonna make it this far.

Maysaa demam (8 bulan)

First time Maysaa demam. Umur 8 bulan 3 minggu ++ :(

Kesian Maysaa anak Mummy demam tapi still nak main jugak

Pufies Baby Diapers Review

Hi. So, I got the chance to try, test and share with you guys about Pufies Baby Diapers!

DIY slime for kids!

Hi! I am going to share how to make your own slime at home!

Maysaa's solid food (6 months) - puree

Nak share puree yang I buatkan untuk Maysaa since dia dah boleh makan :)

Offspring Natural Review

I always saw this Offspring Natural products featured on instagram and I always eye-ing on their products because they have cute fashion diapers and all the designs are pretty. (Such a sucker for pretty designs, yes I know...) I almost nearly bought the trial pack from their website but I decided to wait (I'll link it down below on how you can buy the trial pack) 

And finally, I got the chance to try and share with you guys what I love about this product.

Mummy is 767898 times happier than Maysaa actually. Because I've been scrolling their websites and wanting to buy ALL THE PRODUCTS. I WANT NEED ALLLLLL.