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My husband's skincare routine

Today I am going to share about my husband's skincare routine (which he doesn't know either hahaha dia tadah muka je)

Current skincare routine (December 2017)

Updated skincare routine for December 2017!

I've already did a skincare routine post last August here: Skincare routine August 2017 and that was 5 months ago. So here is my updated routine. A LOT have changed haha.

 My fav spot <3

My weekly skincare routine for pores

My weekly skincare routine! Yang ni I buat seminggu sekali je. Additional to my normal skincare routine.

Skincare 101: How to create your own skincare routine?

Which one is first, cleanse or scrub? How about essence, toner, serum? Apa beza dia?

Skincare routine - Combination, acne-prone and sensitive skin type

I am going to start a new SKINCARE ROUTINE series on my blog, with skincare routines / mini reviews from my friends with different skin types. This is actually Melle's idea. Click here for her twitter account: NourrAmir.

 Since I have dry skin, it's hard for me to suggest skincare for other skin types, kan? So, hopefully, this might help you, kalau ada yang skin type lebih kurang.

I am going to start with my friend, Anisa's skincare routine. Her twitter: NisaAnysa