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[Review] Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special pallete

Honestly I rarely reach for this eyeshadow palette but while I was cleaning my vanity, rasa macam kesiannya dah beli tapi tak guna sangat. The reason why I bought this palette in the first place is because of the greyish shade, my other palettes don't have that kind of shade.

So why not some review?

What is claims?
The i-Divine series comprise 12 highly pigmented and long-lasting shades for every mood and occasion. This set of mineral shadows range from soft pinks, neutrals and darks, and are great to use all over the eyelid, as well as in the crease or to use as liners. The colours are perfect for transforming your daytime look to evening glam in an instant.

The shades.

First row from left: Bow (matte-vanila shade), organza, ribbon, gift basket (bronze, like metallic finish), glitz (blue, grey, silver -- really opaque!), celebrate

Second row from left: Pamper, gateau (frosty pink), the mail, boxed, wrapped up, noir 

    • Long lasting coverage? -- Yes, last the whole day without creasing
    • High pigmentation? -- Yes. Lenguh tangan nak blend taknak bagi nampak harsh for darker shades (which is a good thing but it's quite hard to blend lah...). For the lighter shades (bow, pamper), the colour pay off is decent.

    The swatches

    • Versatile colours? -- Yes, so many looks can be created from peachy, to pinkish, taupe, natural brown, bronze, plum and even metallic grey. I love the colours! I reaaally should use this palette more often. 
    • Some shades are quite buttery (the peaches and pinks) but I hated the dark plum one (celebrate), so powdery. (Buttery/creamy: Shades tu nampak lembut, melekat cantik je, tak bercapuk. Powdery/chalky: Shades tu berdebu, bercapuk, pakai nampak buruk)

    • I like the black and slim packaging.

    Worth for the price. It has all the basic natural colours that you need. I think I can survive if I only have this palette. 

    Yes! I want the i-Divine Sunset palette! *masuk wishlist*

    The brick red shade <3. Photo credit, here

    Price: RM69
    Availability: Sephora Malaysia & Hermo.my

    *Not a sponsored/paid post, bought using my own money