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Hermo VS Althea, mana lagi best?

Hermo (www.hermo.my) and Althea (my.althea.kr) are both my fav sites kalau nak window shopping beauty products especially from Korea.

My shopping experience with Althea: Althea Haul
My shopping experience with Hermo: Hermo using GDEX

Sooooo, sebenarnya mana lagi best kalau nak beli?

Hermo: Offers a wider range of products and not only from korea, eg Maybelline, NYX, L'Oreal, Sleek Makeup, etc etc.

Althea: Mostly cater brands from Korea. But I'm a bit surprised I can't find Cosrx brand. The selection is also limited.

Hermo 1-0 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 1-0 Althea

Let's compare some of the best selling / famous products

#1 Comparison: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel
Althea RM13.00, Hermo RM14.00

#2 Comparison: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Althea: RM77.00, Hermo RM83.00

#3 Comparison: Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask
Althea RM56.00, Hermo RM62.00

I only compare three items so macam tak aci pulak, but you can compare it yourself! Price wise, mostly Althea is cheaper than Hermo. Hermo 0-1 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 1-1 Althea

Shipping fee?
Hermo: For two items and above, or order above RM150, free shipping. Else, RM6.80 shipping fee.

Althea: Free shipping for order above RM99. Else, RM18 shipping fee

Hermo has cheaper shipping fee (obviously because Hermo is from Malaysia, Althea ships from directly from Korea). And kalau beli dua barang je from Hermo, terus dapat free shipping, tak kisah la dua barang tu total RM10 je. Hermo 1-0 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 2-1 Althea

First time order:
Hermo: Free RM15 voucher for first time order (minimum RM100)

Althea: RM15 off for first time purchase (minimum order RM150) + RM15 instant rebate.

Seems like Hermo is better because the minimum order is only RM100. But if you want to buy a lot of things, Althea seems better with RM30 welcome gift. Hermo 1-1 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 3-2 Althea

Hermo: 1-3 working days (I got mine after 6 days)

Althea: 10-15 working days (I got mine after 8 days)

Again, Althea ships from Korea and Hermo is from Malaysia, that is why Althea took longer time to arrive. Hermo 1-0 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 4-2 Althea

Payment Method?

Hermo- Credit/debit card, MOLPay (eg. Maybank2u, CIMBClick), Paypal, Manual Transfer

Althea: Credit card, MOLPay (eg. Maybank2u, CIMBClick), Paypal

Hermo wins because they even have manual transfer! Lagi senang untuk orang yang takde online banking untuk shopping! Hermo 1-0 Althea.

Current score: Hermo 5-2 Althea

Althea: Wrapped the products with bubble wrap. Pretty pink box nicely with pink papers. Love!

Hermo: Wrapped the products with bubble wrap. But they just use a normal box. No effort in packaging. Meh.

Hermo 0-1 Althea.

Total score: Hermo 5-3 Althea

Final Conclusion
Obviously Hermo wins. However, in my personal opinion, kalau nak beli satu/dua barang je yang tak mahal sangat, atau nak cepat, beli lah dari Hermo. Sebab beli dua barang dah free delivery (jimat sikit).

Kalau nak beli banyak barang dan tak kisah tunggu lama sikit, beli lah dari Althea.

For me, I bought from Althea first, sebab nak beli banyak and kotak dia pink, so I choose Althea! (Even kena tunggu lama sikit) (Sebab kotak lawa okay, so rasa worth it beli!) (And rasa nak beli banyak kali from Althea sebab packaging lawa!)

After all, it is all up to you. This post is for comparison je. Harap membantu membuat pilihan.

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Thanks from reading!

Soooo, between Althea and Hermo, which one do you guys prefer?