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[Review] Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Lipstick

Brand: Tarte Cosmetics
Collection: Rainforest of the Sea 
Product name: Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick
Shade: Sunkissed
Price: RM90
Availability: Tarte's website. (Not available at Sephora Malaysia)

Swatch on my hand: like a peachy coral shade

What it claims:
A long-wearing and moisture-rich, full-coverage, hydrating lipstick. The ultra-creamy, vegan formula pairs intense pigments and buttery-smooth conditioners for comfort-swipe color that locks in place—without feathering or bleeding.

Texture & smell: 
Creamy and glides easily. No distinct smell that I noticed. 

The colour range is also very pretty!

I'm already bored of drying matte liquid lipsticks that looks very dry and chappy on the lips. All I want is a moisturizing/hydrating lipstick. 

  • It's quite opaque although I need to apply twice for better colour pay-off and fuller coverage.
  • The shade is lighter than I imagined. 
  • Lightweight and smooth, feels like wearing a lipbalm but not oily. 
  • Finishing is in the middle of satin-matte. Looks like matte, feels like satin gitu
  • Packaging is so nice and sturdy. Campak campak insyaAllah tak pecah or tercabut.
  • Longlasting, even after a few drinks and makan nasi.
  • Easy to remove
  • I still need to wear lipbalm before applying this lipstick. Not THAT hydrating for me.
  • Transfers easily. Kalau minum air tu memang lekat lah lipstick stain dekat cawan tu. 

I totally love this lipstick and I feel like I can wear this everyday. However, for the price tag (RM90), I don't think I'm gonna buy other shades, although Set Sail looks nice (Unless there's like, 50% discount maybe?).