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From Tarte USA to Malaysia [Online shopping review]

How to buy

1. Just sign up at Tarte's website (tartecosmetics.com) and "Add To Bag" your fav items.
2. Proceed to secure checkout.
3. Fill in your details and select shipping method.
4. Choose payment method

This part is a bit tricky since I tried my credit card but Tarte declined my card, and also my husband's card. Luckily ada Dena, so I used hers. 
5. View your order review and wait for the confirmation email.

Placed order:
I placed my order on Tuesday. This is the confirmation email:

They'll also send you email once the order has shipped. (On Thursday)

And track the order:

Shipping fee: 
Free shipping for order above RM353.

Or else, RM93.90 for DHL Parcel Priority or RM113.83 for DHL Express:

I bought more than RM353 so my shipping fee is free! 

Received order: 
I received my order after 14 days (12 days after shipping). To avoid customs, better make sure your order is less than RM500. Kalau tak, leceh kena pergi ambil dekat KLIA, kena bayar tax etc etc. The poslaju guy is also nice, dia call dulu tanya ada kat rumah tak. Normally pos laju tak call. Tiba tiba je ada slip kertas tu and kena collect dekat pejabat pos laju. So annoying.

Overall experience:
The payment part is soooooo frustrating because the site kept declining my card. I've called my bank and they said there's nothing wrong with my card, it's the site's problem. Tarte, you better fix this problem!

But I love Tarte's packaging. The unicorn plastic is soooo pretty <3

Some of them are Dena's and Anisa's. 

I still have 15% off code for my next Tarte's order. Bila entah nak guna :p

Review on products: Soon!

*Not a sponsored post. Bought everything using my own money.