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My fav SILKYGIRL cosmetics's products

Silky Girl products ni memang famous dari zaman sekolah dulu which is 10 years ago. Dari dulu semua products dia best. I remember buying their eyeshadow lepastu eyeshadow tu jatuh habis berderai. Sedih. 

But for this entry, I'm gonna pick my most fav items from Silky Girl.

#1: Expert Brow Slim Liner

Price: RM21.90

Why I love:
1. Retractable. Which means I dont have to sharp it. Pulas pulas je dia keluar.
2. Spoolie brush at the opposite end to groom and blend the colour
3. Easy to use for beginner, blends well

What I don't love about it:
Senang patah. Tak boleh tekan kuat sangat.

Overall, it's one of the best eyebrow pencil!

#2 Long wearing eyeliner

This is my eyeliner since high school! My first eyeliner and also the best. Tak ingat berapa kali dah beli ni.

Why I love:
1. Glides easily
2. Good colour pay off
3. Easy to use
4. For natural/everyday look
5. Retractable

#3 Eye opener water proof mascara

Price: Around RM10++

Why I love:
1. Easy to wear
2. Although it says waterproof, it's actually not that waterproof (which is a good thing actually), hence it is easily removed. I don't fancy waterproof mascara
3. Lengthening 
4. Cheaaaap!

What I don't like about it:
1. Clumps easily. One or two coating is enough

#4 Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Why I love:
Pigmented, kissproof, longlasting.

The swatches of Expert Brow Slim Liner 020 Dark Brown, Long wearing eyeliner in Black and Dark Brown, Matte Junkie Lipcream in Retro

#5 Be Mine Roll On Perfume

This is a true legend! Since high school. Since 10 years ago!

Dulu rasanya ada banyak choices and famous sangat, rasa nak beli semua bau. But this one, "Be Mine" is personal favourite. Letak dalam bag makeup for "just in case" situation. 

That's all. Thanks!

*Not a sponsored post. Bought everything with my own money.