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[Review] Dupe products that I've tried

What is dupe?
Dupe is normally a product that is a similar colour compared to the original / higher-end / expensive product. Dupe ni macam brand yang harga lagi murah tapi warna/formula nak dekat sama dengan brand yang mahal. Tapi bukan fake ok. Fake makeup bahaya, rosak muka. Jangan pakai fake.

#1 Wet N Wild Bare It All (RM22)
A dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy (RM78). I have both lipsticks and it's almost the same in terms of formula and shade. Wet N Wild lipsticks are not drying at all, eventhough it's matte. However, I hate the packaging. Bekas dia senang tercabut penutup and bersepah makeup bag. That's the only thing that I hate. The formula? LOVE!
Where to get? SaSa Malaysia

#2 ELF Blush & Bronzing powder in St. Lucia ($4 around RM18)
 A dupe for NARS Orgasm & Laguna ($42 around RM180+). I don't have NARS so I can't personally compare. You can read some reviews and comparison on google:

Comparison:  elf st lucia vs nars orgasm laguna (from google)

I love ELF's blush, not too pigmented and can blends easily. The colour is also very nice and shimmering. I love the glow although some people prefer matte blush. But I love the shimmering effect.  I love this palette!
Where to get? Order from any instashop that sells ELF

#3 Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette ($7 around RM30)
A dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 (RM215). 

Comparison: iconic 3 vs naked 3

Like seriously, Iconic 3 shades are almost the same as Naked 3. However, some of the shades are a bit chalky but still wearable. Great alternative if you don't want to splurge RM215 on Naked 3 palette (although this palette is one of my wishlist haha). 
Where to get? Order from any instashop that sells Makeup Revolution

There are so many other dupe products out there, but these are the ones that I've tried personally and loving it. Jimat duit I :p

Thanks for reading!

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