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Hermo.my is one of my favourite shopping site for beauty products especially from Korea!

What I bought:
1. Cosrx Low ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser
2. Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
3. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
4. Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack

Review soon!

You can choose which courier you want to ship your items. I picked GDEX

Placed my order on Thursday. Shipping was on Friday. On Saturday morning, I realised there's a note from GDEX saying attempt to send, fail. Padahal obviously I'm at home and kereta memang parking depan pagar. Tak ada orang ketuk pintu langsung. Or called. What is the purpose of providing my phone number kalau tak reti nak call?

I tried to call gdex's office but obviously Sabtu, office tutup. And Monday is public holiday. On Tuesday morning, they called me, tanya bila nak. Ha nasib baik reti pulak call. They can only deliver on Wednesday. I dah pesan suruh ketuk pintu betul betul, or call bila dah sampai.

On Wednesday, GDEX datang ketuk pintu rumah macam nak roboh siap gegarkan grill. Motif sangat zzzzzz so annoying ok. Conclusion, don't choose gdex as the courier, unless gdex area korang baik.

Took 6 days (3 working days) for my order to arrive.

The packaging. Just a normal red box. Nothing fancy.

All products are in bubble wrap.

My items, safely arrived.

Hermo also gave samples, 4 Cosrx samples and 1 Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop.

Just a so-so experience, I'm not that happy because it took me 6 days to arrive, gdex yang annoying (bukan salah Hermo), so okay lah kot.

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Thankyou for reading!