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Althea Box Chok Chok Skin Review

This box was given to me for review purpose from Althea, however, I am not paid to write this review. This is based on my personal experience. 

So, let's proceed!

Althea Malaysia | What will you buy from Althea for Raya 2017? + free gift!

For this upcoming Raya, Althea will be giving away free gift untuk siapa siapa yang shopping dari Althea. FREE ok, FREE! Boleh tengok dekat sini kalau nak tengok barang free tu.

Hermo VS Althea, mana lagi best?

Hermo (www.hermo.my) and Althea (my.althea.kr) are both my fav sites kalau nak window shopping beauty products especially from Korea.

My shopping experience with Althea: Althea Haul
My shopping experience with Hermo: Hermo using GDEX

Sooooo, sebenarnya mana lagi best kalau nak beli?

Nature Republic dari Hermo/Althea, original ke tak?

Actually ni last year punya issue hahaha tapi sebab Nature Republic baru keluar public statement, so teringat je lah.

Dua minggu yang lepas, dari instagram Nature Republic Malaysia

Althea Haul!

My first time purchase from Althea! Selama ni tengok tengok but I prefer to buy at physical store sebab takde alamat tetap, nanti entah kemana parcel pergi, malas nak pi collect dekat post office, malas nak tunggu, lagi suka belek belek ha macam macam la alasan malas beli online.

And, dulu Althea takde debit card payment method, they only have paypal and credit card, lagi la malas nak beli from Althea. Now dah boleh bayar pakai debit card!

What it claims. Althea is direct from Korean and it's 100% authentic.

What I bought:
1. Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner for RM33. (Review soon!)
2. Skin Food Brightening Eye Cream (for the dark circles...) for RM55
3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for RM14/each! Review here!

Placed order: 26th Oct 2016 (Wednesday)
Shipping: 31st Oct 2016 (Monday)
Arrived: 3rd Nov 2016 (Thursday)

Took 8 days to arrive. Okay lah sebab it's direct from Korea kan. I bought these masa ada offer, RM99 free shipping (Normally RM150 above baru free shipping).

The price is affordable, cheaper from the physical store, and the packaging is so cute, totally gonna buy from Althea again!

*Bought using my own money, not a paid review!