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Althea Box Chok Chok Skin Review

This box was given to me for review purpose from Althea, however, I am not paid to write this review. This is based on my personal experience. 

So, let's proceed!

Every month, Althea will release beauty box with a specific theme. You can view it here: Althea Box

What's interesting is that all items are in full size and the price of each box is so affordable!

This time, it's Chok Chok Skin! (Chok chok: Very hydrate and moist skin)

There are six items in the box which are:
1. LANEIGE Water Bank Mineral Mist
2. DR. YOUNG Silky Primer
3. W LAB Water Hole Cushion
4. A'PIEU Cheek Chok Blusher
5. MILKY DRESS Barbie Make Color Pop Tint
6. B & SOAP Glacial Water Mask

#1  LANEIGE Water Bank Mineral Mist

What it is?
A refreshing mist, instantly replenishes moisture to the skin. Use repeatedly throughout the day to recharge tired skin. 

What I love about it? 
I've been searching for a good face mist, the one I have irritates my skin. Rasa pedih pedih bila spray. This one, of course lah because it's LANIEGE, so it should be good. So refreshing, moisturizers my skin when I'm on the go, campak je dalam bag. I reallyyyy love this!

#2 DR. YOUNG Silky Primer

What it is?
A primer to prime you face before applying makeup. It minimizes the look of pores and controlling sebum while ensuring your skin stays soft and hydrated.

What I love about it?
I love the packaging and it's so easy to squeeze and control the amount you need. The smell is also nice and it really works in minimizing the look of my pores.

#3 W LAB Water Hole Cushion

 What it is?
A water cushion that hydrates and covers skin blemishes.

What I love about it?
I love the packaging, it has a mirror, senang nak apply. It covers my blemishes and dark circles, quite good. (You can refer to my photo below). And paling best, it has SPF50. Sunscreen is a must! Really hydrates my skin, no dry patches, and it's comfortable. Tak rasa tebal melekit lekit macam pakai foundation. For everyday use and boleh bawa travel.

#4 A'PIEU Cheek Chok Blusher

What it is?
A cream blush that colours and moisturizes

What I love about it?
I love how creamy it is, and its very easy to apply. However, I thought I've applied a lot, but it doesn't shows in my picture below. 

#5 MILKY DRESS Barbie Make Color Pop Tint

What it is?
Hydrating tint with non drying formula. For this box, it is on shade Delight Coral.

What I love about it?
This is kind of lipgloss but it doesnt transfer. It is quite pigmented and doesnt dries my lips. 

#6 B & SOAP Glacial Water Mask

What it is?
Sheet mask that soothes and hydrates your skin deeply

What I love about it?
It has this cooling sensation that hydrates my skin. However, this one contains fragrance so be careful if you have sensitive skin

The W LAB Water Cushion really can hide my dark circles, I don't even use concealer! I'm also having the MILKY DRESS Barbie Make Color Pop Tint on my lips.

Overall, I really enjoying this box. Sebab kalau nak kira, harga semua ni more that RM400++ kot but you can get this from Althea for only RM116. You can buy it here: Chok Chok Box

For more information
Althea Website: my.althea.kr
Althea Facebook: Althea Malaysia
Althea Instagram: Althea Korea

Thank you for reading!