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How I organize my makeups

No, I don't have THAT much of makeups, I rarely use them, only during the weekends atau kalau ada events. But I still feel that my makeups are bersepah. Kalau lepas makeup, meja akan jadi DISASTER.


This is how my vanity table looks like, normally. The white box is for all my skincare, and yang lain semua makeups.

Before this, for my palettes, I use this dish thingy to display to palettes. Sedihnya

It's like this!

Susun palettes macam ni. Kalau langgar je, dia jatuh... (Oh my Naked 2 palette jadi berkarat sebab kena air.... Macam mana entah boleh kena air...)

See, palette dekat belakang tu dah terbalik! Lepastu dah malas nak susun dekat sini, bagi dia baring je atas meja.

Lepastu selalu admire gambar vanity, orang susun makeups cantik cantik. I bought my makeup organizer dekat Mr. DIY, quite cheap, as you can see in the picture:

That one is around RM17 dekat Mr. DIY. Can fit 12 lipsticks + 5 blushers + few pencils


Right now, I'm using the makeup organizer from Avantboxonline!

This is the AvantBox Bianca Palette Organizer (RM100.00):

I can display all my palettes, blushers, powders, highlighters, even can fit my foundations. Semua I sumbat dalam palette ni, best gilaaaa!

As you can see, almost everything!

I also use the AvantBox Belle Chic Vanity Organizer (RM 300.00) that has 4 drawers!

From this lipsticks yang I letak dalam bekas macam ni lepastu tak nampak warna,

To this:

Sekarang semua lipstick dah nampak dengan jelas! This is the second drawer.

The first drawer, I put my concealers, mascaras and my go to eyeliners.

The third drawer, I put my eyelash curler and my other pencils that I rarely reach.

The last drawer, I put my lip stash (lipbalms + other lipsticks)

So this is how my vanity looks like right nowwww.

By the way, yang lipstick organizer boleh letak 9 lipsticks atas tu, I bought from Mr. DIY, RM5.90 kot rasanya.

I'm so happyyyy sebab tak ada dah bersepah atas meja, semua ada tempat masing masing :)


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