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Victoria's Secret USA to Malaysia

It all started with:

First time check, delivery RM123 so macam tak worth it lah pulak dengan harga barang. Lepas korek korek website, try code, above $50 dapat free shipping. YES.

Pakai code "SHIP50FREE"

This is the website to shop for Victoria's Secret: www.victoriassecret.com. They ship directly to Malaysia.

Of course lah what we bought was benda benda yang tak ada dekat Malaysia. Beli fragrance, perfumes, lotions, makeups etc etc macam tak worth it sebab dah ada dekat Malaysia. Bila bila boleh beli and selalu je ada sale.

From what I read, Victoria's Secret tak jual the whole range sebab diorang malas nak set up fitting room dekat store, entah la I pun taktahu kenapa tak ada the whole range.

Gambar seksi sangat so kena censored :P

The total was $62.95 with free shipping. Around RM277 macam tu je.

After dah placed order, nanti dia keluar Thank You macam ni.

ETA 7th July 2017. I ordered on 12th June 2017. Around 4 weeks jugak lah baru sampai Malaysia.

However, I received my parcel on 5th July 2017. Awal 2 hari. I'm so excited!

 Nothing special about the packaging. I was expecting a nice box hahaha

 From my instastory.

Overall experience:
I'm so happy. The website is easy to navigate, applying the promo code is also easy. And yang paling penting, payment was easy! Sekali key in je, credit card lepas. No problem at all padahal tengah sale so mestilah ramai orang shopping kan. (Yes Tarte, Im looking at you. Tarte la website paling bermasalah dalam dunia ni)

Lepasni kalau VS ada sale lagi, of course I'm gonna buy again. Tunggu sale je la k sebab #jimat

*Not a sponsored post, semua beli guna duit sendiri!

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