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Althea Special Birthday Box #AtheaTurns2

It's Althea 2nd birthday! Happy birthday Althea!

Althea Birthday Cake that I created!

I always love Althea. The cute pink website, the pink packaging and box, I just love the feeling when I received my parcel!

What I received from Althea:

I actually bought the Son & Park Beauty Water and Innisfree Clay Mask (review later! I'm so excited with the products) - The other products are samples.

Best kan? Samples banyak gila.

They also have limited edition birthday box + limited edition 2017 birthday kit + birthday card + samples

Lepastu gigih la buat birthday cake macam ni:

Kalau korang beli barang dari Althea bulan July ni, korang pun boleh dapat birthday kit macam ni and boleh hias macam ni jugak! Kalau post dekat instagram with your "Althea Birthday Cake" and hashtag #AltheaTurns2, yang menang boleh pergi Korea okay!

Antara benda best sempena birthday Althea:

1. Fly Me To Korea (3rd July 2017 - 15 August 2017)
Just share the best "Althea Birthday Cake" with birthday cake and hashtag #AltheaTurns2 
(For more info, read this: Fly Me To Korea Contest)

2. Shop & Win (3rd July 2017 - 30th July 2017)
Just shop, and you'll win Althea shopping credit!

3. 20 Days Giveaway on @altheakorea's Instagram page! 
Just follow the instruction :)

4. Facebook Weekly Giveaway 
Every Monday in the month of July 
(applicable for Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore only)

5. Althea's Birthday Giveaway Festival on site my.althea.kr

You can read the terms and condition at blog.althea.kr

For more information
Althea Website: my.althea.kr
Althea Facebook: Althea Malaysia
Althea Instagram: Althea Korea

Thank you for reading!