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Caring Pharmacy Online Experience

*This is not a sponsored post. I bought everything using my own money.

I wanted to try the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion lepastu macam biasa, I compare harga.

Bila compare, dekat Caring Pharmacy lagi murah even plus shipping fee RM7.00 pun lagi murah dari Guardian. So I bought from Caring Pharmacy je lah. #jimat

The website and payment method was easy. Ada banyak payment method boleh pilih.

Either credit card or online banking.

After dah siap semua order (Sunday night), I received an email: 

Order confirmation.

The next day, they informed that they already shipped my item.

Hari selasa, they successfully sent my item. (Tapi I tak ada dekat rumah so kena ambil dekat pos laju punya office but that is my own fault lah kan)

Basically, I ordered malam Ahad, hari Selasa tengahhari dah sampai. Quite fast actually! Tak sampai 48 jam!

 "Mencuri adalah salah di sisi undang undang". Siap tulis okay.

Packaging wise, bagus gila sebab barang memang selamat!

My review:
1. Website is easy to navigate
2. Payment is easy
3. Shipping was so fast! I'm impressed.
4. Packaging is really good.
5. Ada welcome code! Dapat RM10 off with purchase of RM50. WAIT FOR THIS CODE. I sign up pastu terus beli and terus buat payment. Dah siap buat payment, baru diorang email this code. LEMBAB GILA APASAL??? BOLEH JIMAT RM10 HAIH I EMO LA MACAM NI.

Will I shop again?
YES, kalau murah

Again, this is not a sponsored post tau. Just sharing my experience if you guys nak try Caring Pharmacy Online :)

Thanks for reading!