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I'm Althea's Fan Of The Month! (May)

I'm Althea's Fan Of The Month. It all started with...

I did write about Althea,

It was just a honest write up, sebab ramai yang tanya original ke tak, mana yang lagi best so I figured out, why not I just write je kan. And Althea did notice me :P

So they gave me RM100 shopping credit to shop!

So kegembiraan ini kita kongsi bersama! I asked my sister, dia nak apa. Dia nak mask jeeee

And my mum nak sabun je. So I bought for them and something for me!

And since it's musim raya, I got the special edition green Raya Box!

Thank you so much Althea!

*Hermo taknak notice me keeeee? Hahaha :P