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Nuby Comfort 360 bottle review

I was very excited when I got the chance to try the Nuby Comfort 360 bottle and today I am going to review and share with you guys about this bottle.

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle
Nuby Comfort 360 bottle 

What is so unique about this bottle?

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle made of silicone
First of all, it is made of silicone.


Boleh picit.

But why use this silicone bottle instead of the normal PP bottles?
Yes, PP bottles can withstand heat of up to 120°C, but the problem is, over the time, due to frequent sterilization and exposure to boiling water, they may lose transparency. Which means, it indicates that there is a chemical component breakdown of the bottle’s plastic make up.

This is the first time I tried a silicone bottle so I'm a bit jakun because this bottle can be picit picit haha.

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle is the only one with bottle handle and a weighted straw
Secondly, this bottle comes with a cute bottle handle so babies can hold the bottle easily. This bottle can also be used to latch and feed in any position. Duduk? Can. Meniarap? Also can! This is because there is the weighted straw that follows the milk flow. Hence, babies can be in upright position to help reduce reflux.

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle has anti-colic valves
It features anti-colic valves that can reduce wind and the amount of suction your baby has use. If you’re combining breastfeeding and bottle, this is top option to try. It promises to provide a natural feeding experience with a design that mimics the breast and anti-colic features that reduce the amount of air your baby ingests. It can also be feed at any angle.

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle is wide neck
Come on, I'm so lazy, so this wide neck makes it easy for me to clean it. I can even fit my hand inside the bottle.

Nuby Comfort 360 bottle is the cheapest compared to most of the other Silicone bottles
Yes, you can compare it yourself. You can get this Nuby Comfort 360 bottle from Motherhood Mlayasia, link here: Nuby Silicone Comfort Bottle With Medium Flow (With Handle) for only RM52.00. 

Overall, I like it because when Maysaa like it, I like it too. She seems to enjoy using this bottle (Tapi Maysaa tu semua jenis botol dia tak kisah pun), but I'm happy with the way she enjoys it!

For more information, you can visit Motherhood Malaysia's website at

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Disclaimer: I received this 360 Comfort Starter Bottles Set in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.