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Althea Malaysia | What will you buy from Althea for Raya 2017? + free gift!

For this upcoming Raya, Althea will be giving away free gift untuk siapa siapa yang shopping dari Althea. FREE ok, FREE! Boleh tengok dekat sini kalau nak tengok barang free tu.

Just pilih mana yang nak, lepastu "Add To Bag"

See, I try "Add To Bag", dapat free ok. Satu costumer dapat satu je and sampai ada stock je. Better cepat sebelum habis stock! 

Kalau nak free shipping, beli RM99 keatas boleh dapat free shipping.

More info:

Kalau dekat post Hermo vs Althea, mana lagi best tu, I ada mention Althea lagi best sebab packaging cantik!

 Untuk Ramadan ni, Althea ada special Limited Edition Ramadan Box!

So, what will you buy from Althea for this Raya?

To shop, you can visit Althea Malaysia . Althea is also available on Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store)

Instagram: Althea Korea
Facebook: Althea


  1. I can't wait to check out Althea and score myself some great deals. I don't celebrate Hari Raya but I look forward to it every year because of the sales! LOL

  2. Althea always has such worthy deals. Plus the limited edition box looks lovely as well. Will certainly need to check it out.

  3. best nyerrr!!! i wanted to buy the other day then i check my bank account.. errr.. x jadi.. haha maybe next month..

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