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Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Review

Today, I'm going to review the famous Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. I bought this two months ago. You can read my experience here: [ONLINE SHOPPING REVIEW] HERMO MALAYSIA USING GDEX

Product Name: Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Size: 150 mL
Price: RM 39.00
Availability: Hermo Malaysia (link)

What it claims?
Sustain moisture every day and all day long! For AM time & sensitive skin

How to use?

1. Just squeeze a tiny amount of product, and cuci muka macam biasa.

Normal squeezable plastic tube

Herbal-ish smell. My husband says its like bau hapak almari reput kind of smell? Maybe because it contains tea tree oil. 

Transparent gel

How I feel:
At first, I'm quite scared to use it. Sebab yelah dia kata low ph means acidic, takpe ke acidic letak dekat muka? Ceh padahal kalau alkali, lagi la drying. So 5.0-6.0 ph ni macam just nice untuk kulit! Lepas tu bila pakai sekali, tak suka bau dia. Terus malas pakai.

Entah kenapa tiba tiba a few weeks ago, pakai setiap hari sebab kesian takde orang nak pakai dia. And memang rasa best je muka. It doesn't dry my skin at all. Rasa supple, lembab and lembut je kulit lepas pakai! Tak kering langsung. Sukaaaa sangat. This product makes me so happy!

  • Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin
  • Skin feels clean, soft and supple
  • No irritation
  • Can remove light makeup & sunscreen

  • The smell - tapi takde lah lama, kejap je bau dia
  • Kena beli online... I malas nak beli beli online ni

Yes and yes!!!!

*Not a sponsored post, my honest review and bought using my own money


  1. dah lama usha cleanser ni, sesuai tak kalau dengan kulit berminyak? :(

  2. Love this brand because they are affordable and good to be use!

  3. never seen this brand yet... at first I though cosrx was a Malaysian fashion brand... see how confused or dumb I am... hahaha

  4. I really hope that we can find cosrx in any drugstore in Malaysia kan! I always heard many good review as well =)

  5. Cleanser ni boleh pakai morning je ke :( kalau waktu malam nak pakai apa? Boleh ke campur2 pencuci muka

  6. dah lama dapat sample dari Hermo. lps tgk Iman review bru try pakai. and yesss rasa menyesal sbb x try awal2. lps pakai muke rasa softt sgt and rasa best lah. xde rasa kasar / kering / tegang. lg best dari cetaphil gentle cleanser. will purchased soon

  7. kak iman< kenapa i pakai dia rasa macam tak cuci sangat muka. so that y kena double cleaser ke?

  8. Boleh tak cleanser ni pakai waktu selain pagi?

  9. Hai kak. Is it okey if i buy this cleanser frm shopee. Tkut terbeli yg fake pulak. Kak iman pernh ke bli ths cleanser frm shopee? Rn cleanser ni dkt hermo dah out of stock.��

  10. if cuci muka guna cosrx pagi then mlm cuci muka guna cetaphil okay ke?