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Ergo Baby Original vs Boba 4G carrier

Before I bought my Ergo Baby Original carrier, dah macam dilema nak beli either Boba 4G or Ergo Baby Original. Tapi last last beli Ergo Baby Original carrier, my first impression here: FIRST IMPRESSION: ERGOBABY ORIGINAL CARRIER

Recently, my sister in law bought Boba 4G carrier and I got the chance to try it out. Hence, my personal review:

First Impression: Ergobaby Original Carrier

I've been surveying quite a few carriers for Maysaa that's suitable for newborn. There are not many options since I'm a bit fussy on the designs (nak yang cantik!) and affordable.

At first I wanted to buy a wrap but after watching some tutorials, I figured out, I'm a lazy person and I'm to lazy to learn how to wrap lilit lilit. Malas and lambat. I want something fast!

This is Boba Wrap. Tapi I malas nak belajar lilit lilit. 

Then, after surveying (googling, read facebook), I decided to buy either Ergobaby original or Boba 4G. Ergobaby is a bit cheaper compared to Boba 4G, but I need to buy the infant insert for newborn which I need to add another RM100. Boba 4G tak perlu beli infant insert sebab dah included. 

Soft Structured Comparison from pinterest.

I wanted to buy Boba 4G at first, but then I found a pink Ergobaby, OMG YES I NEED THIS

I bought mine from Fabulousmom, TTDI branch. Itu pun lepas email and call, because I don't want to buy online, I need to wait for the postage etc etc. Luckily they have one in stock at TTDI branch, terus minta reserve and masa lunch hour terus minta Marwan pergi belikan. Settle.

The price: Around RM400++ for the carrier and RM100 for the infant insert.

Sebab Maysaa kecik lagi, kena duduk dalam infant insert. No crying.

We've used this carrier quite a few times. Even Marwan pun guna walaupun it's pink tapi pakai je lah ye bang :p

Why I bought this carrier?
Sebenarnya ada banyak jenis carrier. Ada yang ergonomic, ada yang tak ergonomic, ada yang fake. Yang tak ergonomic ni macam hipseat, crotch carrier, front facing. Yang tak ergonomic ni bahaya untuk posture baby, kaki tergantung etc.

Ni kalau hipseat carrier, posture tulang belakang baby tak betul. Unless baby dah besar, tulang belakang dia dah kuat. Tapi kalau baby dah besar/berat, kita la pulak yang berat nak bawak dia.

Yang ni carrier yang narrow. Hips boleh dislocated. 

Kalau yang fake, taktahu dia guna material apa, jahitan macam mana, nanti entah entah bawak baby, tali terputus, jatuh pulak baby tiba tiba. 

Hence, I opt for Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). Lagi satu, sementara baby masih ringan, senang pakai baby carrier instead of stroller. Lagi cepat. Lagipun kalau baby nangis dalam carrier, boleh terus buai buai dia, sebab dia dah memang melekat. Tak tahu lah nanti macam mana, kita tengok dulu, Sebab tak ada pengalaman lagi. 

But mostly I read from Malaysian Babywearer facebook group.

What I love about this carrier (setakat ni):
1. Maysaa didn't cry -- Whats the point of having a good carrier tapi baby taknak duduk kan? She can sleeps easily in this carrier
2. Easy to wear
3. I love the design? Can it be considered? Haha
4. Got pocket so I can put my money, phone, keys.
5. Comfortable, ergonomic and safe

The pocket

1. Infant insert ni kena guna sampai baby 5.5kg atau bila leher dia dah cukup kuat nak support kepala. Hence, additional RM100 for the infant insert that I'm gonna use for only 3-4 months.
2. Using the infant insert is a bit tricky for the first time. I watched the tutorial for almost 10 times and still can't get it right. (Or maybe I memang lembab tak faham bahasa kot hahaha) -- But now, it is not a problem anymore.
3. The infant insert is quite stuffy and thick. Panas. Kalau tempat tak aircond, memang berpeluh baby. Tak sesuai outdoor. Dalam mall takpe.

Overall, I love this carrier! Hopefully we can use this carrier sampai Maysaa dah besar. However, if Boba 4G suddenly comes out with pink carrier, I'd buy Boba 4G for the next baby! No need infant insert and cheaper.

*Not a sponsored post. Writing this because ramai tanya pasal this carrier after I posted on instagram.