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I'm Althea's Fan Of The Month! (May)

I'm Althea's Fan Of The Month. It all started with...

I did write about Althea,

It was just a honest write up, sebab ramai yang tanya original ke tak, mana yang lagi best so I figured out, why not I just write je kan. And Althea did notice me :P

So they gave me RM100 shopping credit to shop!

So kegembiraan ini kita kongsi bersama! I asked my sister, dia nak apa. Dia nak mask jeeee

And my mum nak sabun je. So I bought for them and something for me!

And since it's musim raya, I got the special edition green Raya Box!

Thank you so much Althea!

*Hermo taknak notice me keeeee? Hahaha :P


  1. wahh nice... ever heard of Althea but never tried it before... might give a look at their portal... congrats being their FOTM!

  2. Wahhhh tahniahhh, mesti tak sangka dapat menang. Althea pon bagus sebab appreciate blogger yang tulis :)

  3. Wah, so nice of them to reward you with shopping credits! And generous of you to share the credits with your family. Sharing is caring.

  4. woww.. congrate dear!! bestnya dapat shopping free lagi ye!

  5. That's cool and congratulation for the feature! You are indeed a huge fan! More reason to stick with althea :)

  6. Wow didn't know there's such a thing! Congratz for being Fan of the month!

  7. Oh wow.. how awesome is this.. congratulations .. wish I can be Altheas fan next, even though I already have been for 2 years

  8. I pun suka gila shop kt althea ni