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Mytown Cheras, baby friendly mall?

MyTown Shopping Center Cheras is one of my favourite go-to mall since it's reachable by MRT. It is also located just next to IKEA Cheras.

I've been here twice, with my 6 months old baby, just the two of us and I really need a baby-friendly shopping mall.

The services and facilities at MyTown Cheras:

They have stroller, wheelchair and also power scooter!

Surau Mytown Cheras

The surau is located at Level 5, just naik je lift. Dia dekat kawasan parking. Tapi surau okay, selesa and besar. Tak kepam. Cuma kena naik dekat kawasan parking.

Stroller service Mytown Cheras

Since I always go there using a baby carrier, Maysaa sekarang dah berat so I decided to use the stroller service.

This is the stroller. Since it's a new mall, the stroller is still new and clean. Kalau mall yang ramai orang tu, stroller dia dah kotor lepastu tak lalu nak guna dah haha. Tapi bila dah petang, stroller ni dah habis sebab ramai yang pinjam.

Untuk pinjam, just bagi lesen je. Tak kena bayar. Free.

Nursing room Mytown Cheras

 As for the nursing room, it is located at all levels, semua level ada. Tapi setiap level ada satu je Nursing Room.

 There is only one sofa to sit and feed your baby. Tapi ok la, selesa. Tak macam dekat Isetan The Gardens.

One sink, soap, tissue, dustbin.

You know what is missing? Yep, changing table is missing

However, the name itself is "Nursing Room" so it means just for nursing. But I really appreciate if there is also a changing table. I tried looking for the changing table inside the ladies washroom tapi tak ada. So I am not sure if there is a changing table or not in this mall....

Note to self: Please bring your own changing matt after this.

Overall, I'd say, this mall is quite okay. Except for the changing table lah, but I can go to IKEA's nursing room kalau perlu nak tukar diapers. IKEA Cheras punya bilik macam panas sikit, macam tak ada aircond dekat dalam tu. Tu je lah yang best tu.

Lagipun, almost semua malls ada these kind of services (stroller etc) so there's nothing yang WOW sangat. So-so je.

Last week's lepak lepak session with my girls <3

Thanks for reading!