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MUJI Moisturizing Milk Review

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought this product using my own money. And, every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)

I have reviewed about the toner, here: MUJI LIGHT TONING WATER REVIEW

So today, I am going to review the moisturizing milk!

Product Name: Moisturizing Milk (High Moisture)
Product Brand: MUJI Sensitive Skin Series
Product Type: Moisturizer
Size: 200 mL 
Price: RM 32.90

How to use?
Use after cleanser. (And after toner, essence, serum, if you have)

The packaging:
The product comes in a 200ml transparent plastic bottle with a metal twist cap. All the words are in Japan so I could not understand a thing.

The colour/consistency/texture:
It's white-milky colour with a lotion-like texture.

The scent:
The product claim that it is fragrance-free, hence tak ada distinct smell, bau wangi ke floral ke fruity ke. This product has no scent at all. 

How I feel:
Masa beli ni, the cashier did warned me, she said that this product is for extremely dry skin, yang musim winter tu. I know. I have really dry skin. That is why I bought it haha. So, I have used this product for more than 6 weeks consistently. I never skip moisturizer. Wajib.

So far, my skin is good, no extreme dry patches, my skin feels really moisturizing although I need to wait a little bit longer before the product absorbs. Nothing fancy, just moisturizes my skin. Does exactly what I needed. I think I'm gonna miss this thing kalau tak pakai. WAJIB PAKAI. BEST.

And, it's suitable for sensitive skin, tak ada bau pelik pelik macam sapu lotion wangi kat muka, doesn't irritates my skin, and feels smooth. Overall, best! If you have oily skin, you can try the light version. For normal or combination skin, you can try the moisture version. Mine is High Moisture.


The price for other sizes/series
Moisturizing Milk (Light) - 200ml - RM24.90
Moisturizing Milk (Light) - 400ml - RM55.90
Moisturizing Milk (Light) - 50ml - RM11.90

Moisturizing Milk(Moisture) - 200ml - RM24.90
Moisturizing Milk (Moisture) - 400ml - RM55.90
Moisturizing Milk (Moisture) - 50ml - RM11.90

Moisturizing Milk (High Moisture) - 200ml - RM32.90
Moisturizing Milk (High Moisture) - 400ml - RM55.90
Moisturizing Milk (High Moisture) - 50ml - RM14.90