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SEP Jeju Mask Pack Review

Today, I am going to share with you guys about SEP Jeju Mask Pack. The moment I received this, I was so happy because of the colourful packaging!

Product Name: SEP Jeju Mask Pack 
Product Brand: SEP
Product Type: Sheet Mask
Price: RM5.90 per piece (23g) and RM24.90 per box (5 pieces).
Availability: All nationwide Watsons stores

There are four types of masks which are:
1. SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask
2. SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask
3. SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask
4. SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

The masks are made in Korea, with key natural ingredients from Jeju Island.

How to use?
Use after cleanser. (And after toner, if you have)
1. Apply SEP facial mask on skin on clean face 
2. Leave on about 10 - 20 minutes and remove it -- Do not use it overnight tau
3. Massage/Dab your face gently for better absorption.

Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. If any irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a doctor if necessary.

The packaging:
The mask comes in a normal mask packaging. The packaging is really vibrant, and memang tulis terus dekat packaging tu, apa function for each mask.

#1 SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask

What it claims?
- Deeply nourishing 
- Intensely hydrates the skin

How I feel:
I love how this mask smells like, a very sweet honey which is quite sticky haha. It really hydrates my skin and makes my skin feels moisturized and supple.

#2 SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask

What it claims?
-Helps improving the skin's water retention and prevent dryness and skin flaking with prickly pear extract.
- Suitable for sensitive skin as it comes with Salvia extract – a herb that is anti-inflammatory and has sterilization effect that helps revive and heals the skin.
- SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask gives dry complexions a revitalizing and hydrating boost it deserves as the cactus fruit has a high content of Vitamin C.

How I feel:
I used this mask when I have dry patches. I really moisturizes my skin and I feel the dry patches are getting better. Lepas buang mask ni, pakai moisturizer and tidur! Pagi esoknya terus ok sikit kulit.

#3 SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

What it claims?
Enhances the brightening process and helps to diminish the look of existing pigmentation.

How I feel:
Baru pakai sekali so taktahu la whether or not it brightens my skin, no significant changes sangat, but I really think this one buat kulit nampak glowing sikit. Sikit je tapi I can see the differences.

#4 SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask

What it claims?
- High concentration of green tea extract that comforts irritated skin 
- Helps skin renewal 
- Moisturize skin

How I feel:
I love how soothing this mask is. Kalau ada redness, memang pakai mask ni, terus rasa sejuk je. The smell is good too.

Overall, we loved the masks! Although the design of the mask macam tak kena sikit dengan muka. Too big I guess? However, my fav is the Green Tea Mask. Which one is your fav?

Thanks for reading!