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Babydash Shop Shop Shop event

Last Saturday, I was invited to Babydash's Shop Shop Shop event at Babydash's warehouse at Pelangi Sentral Damansara.

I got the chance to go to their warehouse and can touch and feel all the products. Rasa macam nak beli semua.... I wish one day I can have my own warehouse... Ok tak lah, nak satu bilik yang penuh barang baby, just pilih je mana yang nak hehe.

They did serve some foods, drinks, play area for kids to play tapi Maysaa kecik lagi so dia tak boleh appreciate sangat. Clown pun ada jugak, I je lah yang terhibur dengan clown tu punya show :P

To be honest, this is the first time I shop from babydash although dah selalu browse their website. Window shopping tengok tengok barang je lah.

There are so many things you can buy from them! Yessss, rambang mata sangat.

What I managed to grab from their warehouse:

 Only three things, yang rasa perlu je.

First of all, we got the FISHER-PRICE MUSICAL CLACKER KEYS / MUSICAL KEYS REFRESH, normal price RM39.90 tapi ada discount 10% so dapat RM35.91. Ni mainan Maysaa, supaya boleh dia feeling feeling ada kunci jugak. Siap ada bunyi and teether untuk gigit gigit.

Secondly, ERGOBABY TEETHING PADS - ORIGINAL, normal price RM79.90 and ada 30% off so dapat RM56.25. Ni untuk letak dekat Ergobaby carrier Maysaa, sebab dia selalu gigit carrier so Daddy ambil lah teething pads ni untuk Maysaa.


Lastly, we got the EZEE REACH STAY PUT CUTLERY + BOWL (PINK) with 22% discount for RM46.99 (normal price RM59.89). The bowl and cutlery boleh lekatkan atas meja so tak ada lah bersepah bila Maysaa makan. I can't resist sebab dia pink and comel sangat. MUST BUY.



Itu je yang sempat from Babydash! Hopefully nanti boleh shopping lagi.

Thankyou so much Babydash! We had so much fun.

You guys can also shop from babydash at www.babydash.com.my , get ready rambang mata ok?

Thanks for reading :)

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