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Air Optix Colors Review

Today, I am going to review Air Optic Colors lens! My criteria for lens, can use up to 12 hours. Normally, it is quite hard to find lens yang boleh pakai more than 12 hours. Yang cantik. Yang normally I pakai (colourless), I dah pernah review, here: ALCON AIR OPTIX AQUA CONTACT LENS REVIEW. Yang ni memang I suka.

So bila ada yang Air optix Colors ni, terus I happy nak beli.

Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors Review

I bought in the shade 'Sterling Grey' sebab pernah pakai from Freshlook last year and I totally love the colour! So of course, I'm gonna pick Sterling Grey lagi.

What it claims:
1. BEAUTY - Unique 3-in-1 Color Technology to enhance any eye color for a naturally beautiful look.
2. COMFORT - Exclusive SmartShield® Technology helps protect the lens from irritating deposits for consistent comfort.
3. BREATHABILITY - Allows oxygen through for white, healthy-looking eyes. Comfortable and breathable contact lenses. 
4. 3-IN-1 COLOR TECHNOLOGY 3-in-1 Technology. OUTER RING defines the eyes 3-in-1 Technology. PRIMARY COLOR transforms the eye color. INNER RING brightens and adds depth.

How I feel:
I always love the air optix lens because it's very comfortable and boleh pakai more than 12 hours. Setakat pakai, memang mata tak pernah kering.

I bought this at optometrist, so make sure beli from authorized punya, bahaya kalau beli yang online je, warna memang cantik tapi risau nanti mata rosak. Better beli dekat yang trusted. 

The price is a bit pricey, RM90 sekotak and ada dua pieces je. Ni monthly punya. Pakai sebulan, lepastu buang. I bought two box sebab power tak sama so boleh pakai for two months.

You can also read about my lens routine here: MY CONTACT LENS ROUTINE

Overall, I really like the colour, and how comfortable it is, tak rasa langsung pakai lens. I am so gonna buy this lens again, kalau ada sale hopefully. Tak pernah try lagi warna lain tapi rasa macam taknak try sebab dah suka dengan Sterling Grey ni <3

Disclaimer: Bought this using my own money, not paid to review this. Just sharing because I love this lens!

Thanks for reading!