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AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde Review | My current everyday lens!

Hi! So today I am going to review this Air Optix plus HydraGlyde. Scroll down to read more!

Air Optix Colors Review

Today, I am going to review Air Optic Colors lens! My criteria for lens, can use up to 12 hours. Normally, it is quite hard to find lens yang boleh pakai more than 12 hours. Yang cantik. Yang normally I pakai (colourless), I dah pernah review, here: ALCON AIR OPTIX AQUA CONTACT LENS REVIEW. Yang ni memang I suka.

So bila ada yang Air optix Colors ni, terus I happy nak beli.

Air Optix Colors

My contact lens routine

My laci for contact lens.

My fav and everyday contact lens that I've been wearing for almost two years is Alcon Air Optix Aqua, review here!

Tips for the first timer:
  • Jangan pandai pandai beli contact lens online, please go direct to any optical store, the optometrist can suggest you the contact lens that suits you.
  • It's normal kalau tak pandai pakai mula mula. I took around 45mins untuk pakai sebelah mata.
  • Jangan giveup. I almost gave up masa first time, lepastu cakap dalam hati "I can do this!" sebab susah gilaaaaa nak pakai, amenda entah yang susah sangat

Anyways, my normal contact lens routine:
  • I'll buy 4 boxes, satu box contains three lens so 4 boxes ada 12 pieces, boleh pakai for 6 months. Normally bila beli banyak, nanti boleh dapat harga solution dia murah sikit :p #jimat
  • Bila nak pakai for the first time, pakai je macam biasa.
  • At the end of the day, basuh tangan and make sure tangan bersih, remove the lens and rinse with Opticare Saline Solution. This one untuk rinse je lepas pakai and sebelum pakai, tak boleh guna untuk store the lens.
*gambar google sebab dah buang botol dia

Mini review: Quite leceh having two solutions. And this one, cap dia selalu hilang, botol dia besar and berat, susah bawak travel. Andddd, tak semua kedai jual.

  • And then to store the lens, I normally use Alcon Opti-Free Replenish. 
*gambar google sebab dah buang jugak

But since this one dah habis, haritu beli randomly je Bausch + Lomb re-nu ni from Watsons ke Guardian, entah lupa

Mini review: It's good and doesn't irritates my eyes. Cukup lah tu.

So right now, pakai re-nu je to rinse and store my lens.

  • Lepas dah rinse, dah letak lens dalam bekas dia, tutup rapat rapat, simpan. Esok pakai semula.

  • And please discard your lens lepas sebulan. So normally I'll replace my lens every awal bulan so that ingat la bila tarikh last pakai. Kalau pakai lebih dari sebulan, nanti risau mata kena infection kang.
  • For contact lens case, make sure basuh everyday and keringkan!
Some tips:
  • Wear contact lens BEFORE applying your makeup (kalau pakai makeup). I normally wear it right after mandi.
  • You CAN'T share your contact lens.
  • You can wear your lens during shower but be extremely careful. Pernah la pakai sekali dua masa mandi sebab lupa nak remove but better jangan.
  • Remove lens before swimming / any water activities. But I normally tak remove pun lagi lagi pergi holiday, main pantai etc, kalau tak pakai lens nanti tak nampak pulak. But must be extremely careful. Better jangan, nanti menyesal!
Hopefully this post can benefit you guys. Thanks!

Alcon Air Optix Aqua Contact Lens Review

Product name: Alcon Air Optix Aqua

This one is not the coloured ones just the normal clear ones, and boleh guna sebulan. Contains three pieces in each box. Why three? Sebab kalau satu hilang, at least ada backup (katanya).

But for me, since mata dua dua belah tak sama power, beli dua kotak lain lain power, boleh tahan untuk tiga bulan. Normally I'll buy 4 boxes, lagi murah and usually memang ada offer.

What it claims?

  • They are created through extensive research using one of the top technologies, known as the Ultra-Smooth Surface Technology. They create a thin protective layer of moisture over the eye, reflecting and repelling anything that tries to come in contact with the eyes, such as grit, dirt, dust etc. This is why AIR OPTIX contacts feel comfortable and soft throughout the day, instead of getting dry and irritating. - True! I feel very comfortable using it the whole day. Dari pagi sampai malam, no problem. Tak pernah pedih mata and no need eye drops.
  • Apart from the Ultra-Smooth Surface Technology, the AIR OPTIX contact lenses are created with advanced Breathability. They are created with a material that allows 5 times the normal amount of oxygen to reach the eyes, keeping them irritation free and provides anti-redness effect, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day. -True, mata tak pernah merah pakai this contact lens
  • AIR OPTIX aqua is created using silicone hydrogel that makes wearing contact lenses exceptionally comfortable for day long wear. They are created with advanced wear technology to allow them to be worn continuously for 6 nights and 7 days, without having to be replaced or removed even at night. They take the contact lens experience to the next level, as you only have to remove them once a week for cleaning before placing them back in again. - Oh no, tak pernah try lagi tidur dengan this contact lens, tak berani. Tapi selalu je tidur masa lunch hours bulan puasa, tidur around 1 hour ++ and bila bangun, tak kering pun mata, rasa normal je.
  • These lenses feel so natural that many people actually forget that they are wearing them until it is time to remove and clean them. This is due to the fact that they are created using the TriComfort technology which ensures that the wearers never face the three most commonly experienced issues with contact lenses. - True. I've tried other brands, sometimes rasa macam ada benda dalam mata. This one, tak rasa langsung.

What I love about it?
  • Comfortable!
  • Boleh pakai sepanjang hari and tak risau mata kering. I once wear other brand, pakai more than 8 hours memang pedih and melekat dekat mata, susah sangat nak remove!
  • I can wear it every day!
Price & where to buy?
Normally around RM65++ for one box, and the cheapest I found is RM190 for 4 boxes. You can get them at any optical store!

I got mine at The Mines, tapi lupa dah nama kedai tu hahaha kena rajin compare harga and kalau nak senang, cari kedai yang memang dah ada ready stock!

*not a sponsored post