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dUCkcosmetics first impression & swatches review

I've been duCk-ed! I've always wanted to buy dUCk, tapi, I don't normally wear the shawl. The tudung bawal, tak ada yang plain and it's not cheap.

So, when they released, dUCkcosmetics, I was so excited! Finally, something I can buy.

duckcosmetics review

It all started when I was talking with my husband.

Marwan kata, the price must be expensive sebab harga tudung yang basic pun dah RM100++. The limited edition bawal that I wanted, RM400. It won't be cheap, he says.

I was guessing, around RM129, or RM159. Knowing dUCk, their price must be expensive.

Surprisingly, the lipstick that I wanted is only RM70. Not cheap, but ok la, I can try! We went straight to their store on the first day of the launching! Dekat Pavillion, level 6. Atas sekali.

duckcosmetics review - store

duckcosmetics review - store

duckcosmetics review - store

duckcosmetics review - store

dUCkcosmetics review

I'm gonna do some first impression and swatches je.

dUCkcosmetics Lipstickwitu Lipstick review

dUCkcosmetics Lipstickwitu lipstick review
Price: RM70

The first impression, bau dia pelik macam chemical tapi bila dah pakai, tak bau sangat. The finishing is more to satin-creamy, not matte. So, bila dia tak matte, dia tak longlasting and kena selalu reapply. I prefer this kind of finish sebab tak suka matte, rasa tak ringan dekat bibir. I don't mind reapplying.

The pigmentation is ok, application pun ok, tak patchy. Glides smoothly. However, compared to MAC and Tarte (tu je I pernah ada), it's not as good lah. MAC dengan Tarte, especially Tarte, warna dia memang melekat, pigmented, memang warna dia nampak kalau apply dekat bibir. But bila compare with drugstore brands (Catrice, Essence, Silkygirl), memang yang ni way better.

Packaging wise, dia magnetic, bila cabut penutup, penutup dia melekat dekat body lipstick. Quite sturdy, so campak campak dalam bag ke, terjatuh ke, tak ada lah terus rosak. Nothing fancy and exciting. Design pun just normal purple packaging je.

dUCkcosmetics Matte Decision Lip Cream review

Price: RM75

I only swatched this at the back of hand. The first impression, tak smooth sangat application dia. Tapi tak apply kat bibir so I might be wrong. Lambat kering, nak tunggu dia dries completely tu lama jugak. 

As it claims, kiss-proof and smudge-proof, I can agree with this bila dia dah completely kering. And, it's easy to remove. Which means, kalau makan and minum, dia senang hilang? I didn't try it on my lips, so again, I might be wrong. This is only my first impression.

Tak beli, sebab I dah boring dengan matte liquid lipstick.

dUCkcosmetics Lipstickwitu Lipstick swatch

dUCkcosmetics Matte Decision Lip Cream swatch

dUCkcosmetics Lipstickwitu lipstick and Matte Desicion Lip Cream swatch

For Matte Decision Lip Cream, the shade Dazzling Sookie and Snazzy Stella looks pretty! Zeoloes Zoey is like a metallic shade (dalam gambar tak nampak sangat)

Foe Lipstickwitu, the shade Ravishly Janice kalau dalam booklet, nampak macam very dark blood red but when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it is more purple-ish. Pink Pheobe pun cantik! But I only bought the Bubbly Carol.

dUCkcosmetics Glossip Girl Lipgloss swatch

dUCkcosmetics Glossip Girl Lipgloss swatch

Price: RM60

I only swatched this at the back of hand too. Just some normal lipgloss, I think? Haha

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask eyeshadow palette review

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask eyeshadow palette review

Price: RM135

My first impression, some shades are quite patchy and powdery, rasa berdebu and not very pigmented. But, it's a good thing for beginners, at least tak perlu blend beriya. Again, I didn't apply it on my eyelid so I might be wrong.

Compared to Zoeva palette (sebab harga lebih kurang, Zoeva RM134), Zoeva lagi pigmented. First time I pegang the shades in the palette, I'm like, "um, okay?". Maybe sebab high expectation kot. Tapi, kala I tak pernah ada eyeshadow palette and nak buy one, yang ni cukup kot. I'm not really impressed with the colours (sebab dah ada), but it's quite ok kalau nak beli.

And surprisingly, shade charcoal bun (warna hitam gelap) tu ada dekat both palette, macam um, membazir? In the Nude palette, the shades yang macam okay, are Vanilla Pudding (tapi quite powdery / berdebu) and Honeycomb. Ada 5 matte shades and 5 shimmering shades. Pumpkin Spice and Candyfloss pun nampak cantik tapi not really pigmented...

For the Smokey palette, I like Grape Sorbet and Glazed Pretzel. Yang lain rasa biasa je. Glazed Pretzel tu macam really pigmented. Cantik! I wish they include shades like dark brick red ke, baru lah rasa nak beli. I don't feel excited sangat looking at the shades...

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Nude) swatches

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Nude)

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Nude) swatches

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Smokey) swatches

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Smokey)

dUCkcosmetics All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette (Smokey) swatches

Overall, it is quite pricey for a local brand but if you have the money, why not? As for me, cukup lah beli satu je. Dah happy dah. Next time kalau ada warna yang cantik cantik pun, I won't buy dah kot, unless orang belanja :P

Oh, this is me, wearing Lipstickwitu Lipstick in shade Bubbly Coral

Price list for dUCkcosmetics

Lipstickwitu Lipstick: RM70
Matte Decision Lip Cream: RM75
Glossip Girl Lipgloss: RM60
All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow Palette: RM135
Makeup Remover: RM100

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought the product using my own money. What works for me, might not work for you. And, every preference is different. This is just my personal experience)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Agreed on most of your review. A bit disappointed with their lip range quality. Entah. Macam so-so sangat (maybe I je yg expect too much huhu). As for the price, hmm as for now memang reasonable.
    But I believe when they release their next batch, put in some ‘improvement’, that's when the price will skyrocket. (Based on what usually happened to their scarves)

    Btw I laaavvvv reading ur review! Sooo honest! Apa yg best u tulis best, and vice versa.

  2. Can't make it to Pavilion so I had purchased Snazzy Stella online earlier this morning... only to find out later from swatches that the shade is too coral for my liking ��

    P/S: They do have premium basic square scarves for satin silk & matte satin silk!

  3. Hello! This is my first time viewing your blog post actually. I saw your comment that you said you've reviewed the products.

    I think I have the same preference as yours (high expectations about the products) so when you said so-so je I macam boleh imagine their texture and pigmentations, as compared to other high-end products with the better quality & prices. So, thank you for this review! ��

  4. tq for yr reviews.. belum try tgk gmbr i already know texture dia lebih kurang like silky girl but quite pricey.. hmm i think better i go with sephora high quality with reasonable price

  5. Salam n hi. Thanks for your reviews .Baru plan nak grab 1 lipstick but mcm sama je dengan product drugstore..brand dia yg buat ramai attractive. Thanks anyway. 😊

  6. Wow nice review. Menarik lipstick dia.

  7. Thanx for the reviews! Mmg tgk from vv ig je dah mcm "emm biasa je" baik g beli tarte! Hahaa

  8. Tengok pallette swatches tu pun macam tak pigmented

  9. I liked this collection! The colors are awesome and the overall look is very trendy.

  10. These are gorgeous! I would love to add these to my lipstick collection :) Perfect from my Malaysia trip haul.

  11. Kak iman pnah try hanis zalikha punya shade dough tk? Ok tk if compare to duck?

  12. I am so excited dengan Duck Cosmetics ni. But bila baca review you, terus macam malas pulak nak cuba, but harga dia not bad la, untuk branding dia, murah gak. Tapi eye pallet dia I nak cuba.

  13. Wahhh ika excited nak try. But the price is quite expensive. Same price with Mac lipstick. I prefer buy Mac.

  14. So excited to see this, I've always been a follower of their items! Can't wait to try the cosmetics.

  15. Tak mampu lagi nak beli Duck punya brands, colour dia macam senang nak dapat dekat drugstore. Maybe nanti kalau dah kerja bolehlah kumpul duit sikit beli jenama terkenal ni. heheh

  16. Hi. Found your blog while looking for Duck cosmetics review. Thanks. Reading your review, my initial impression seems right, which bummed me a bit. hahaha.. baru nak beli....

  17. Hahaha ur review buatkan i nak p try.. nak experience juga

  18. Salam n Hi
    Thanx for your review. Appreciate the honesty. As for now boleh la I put purchasing the eye pallettes dUCk especially smokey pallette on hold dulu ��. Any review for Urban Decay or NARS products tak sis? I’ve tried the Urban Decay Vice matte range lipsticks (rm75) n i think it’s really good.