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Zalora Cash On Delivery

Cash On Delivery: Order from Zalora tapi bayar cash masa diorang hantar barang. Boleh guna cara ni kalau risau duit dah bayar tapi barang tak sampai.

So macam biasa, buat account and order from Zalora. First time purchase, boleh dapat RM25 off with purchase above RM150.

Boleh daftar kat sini: Zalora Malaysia

Masa nak order, pilih option Cash On Delivery tau.

Lepas dah order, nanti dapat email, pesanan telah diterima: Isnin petang.

Pesanan sedia untuk dihantar:

Lepastu nanti dapat SMS:

So kita boleh tahu lah siapa yang akan deliver dekat kita. Nak tahu dia hantar pukul berapa, just SMS je.

Dia kata sampai pukul 3, memang tepat pukul 3 dia sampai. Bagus betul.

Ini dia Abang Zalora. Just bayar duit, lepastu dia bagi parcel. Settle kerja.

My package :)

This is not the first time I tried to COD with Zalora. Few months ago pernah try jugak, and tak sampai 24 jam, barang dah sampai depan rumah. Terrer!

To summarize:
1. Best sebab website best, banyak discount!
2. They will notify customer when they'll coming. And on time!

Okay tu je lah kot yang best nya haha. But I prefer online bank-in je kot sebab susah nak prepare cash.

Kalau nak shopping dekat Zalora guna apps je senang, click sini: Zalora Apps (Android)

Thankyou for reading!

*Not a sponsored post. Bought using my own money


  1. I actually don't like COD because it means I have to wait for the delivery man. I pay with credit card so my family members can accept the parcel on my behalf.

  2. Dah lama xshopping dekat Zalora, ok la kalau boleh COD

  3. Woohoo... Cash on delivery is the most convenient option. I'm so glad Zalora has it too. Since the weekend is here, it's the perfect post to read today. :) Cheers!!

  4. I also tried shopping at Zalora and it was a fast transaction so fuss, and accepts cash in delivery! Sometimes I prefer COD for security purpose.

  5. This is definitely good to know.. I can easily shop at Zalora now

  6. Have done it before but i preferred doing by online trf.. furthermore we hv all transac proof once pymt made. Enjoy shopping dear..

  7. Seronokkan shopping di zalora. Website yang sangat puas hati.

  8. Tapi aritu sya buat COD kat ZALORA mreka kata x bolih