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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review

The most famous Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige! This has been one of wishlist yang dah lama nak beli tapi tak terbeli. Tapi nak sangat try, so finallyyyyy.

 Product Name: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry) 
Product Brand: Laneige
Product Type: Lip Sleeping Mask
Size: 20g
Price: RM 61.00 (Althea)
Availability In Store: Parkson, Laniege Counter, Laneige Store
Availability Online: Althea, Hermo

Some korean words that I don't understand, haha

What it claims? 
The New Lip Sleeping Mask gently melts dead skin cells and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic during sleep.Experience smooth firming lip night care with the new lip sleeping pack, available in berry, grapefruit, apple lime, and vanilla scents.

How to use?
I normally apply it on my lips using the spatula given before I go to sleep.

The spatula given. Takde lah celup jari dalam jar tu, nanti tak pasal pasal kotor etc etc. This little spatula is so cute, tapi ramai complain cakap senang hilang. So I'll try my best untuk tak hilangkan. Lepas pakai, simpan balik dalam plastic dia. #gigih #rajin #amboi

Pink plastic jar with screw lid

Pink balm waxy texture

Very sweet fruity smell. Bau manis manis berry candy which I really love!

How I feel:
The hype is real! The first time I tried it, bila bangun tidur, rasa wow lembut gila bibir. Really moisturizing. Not like your normal lipbalm yang bila pakai tu rasa moist. Tak. Dia macam absorbs dalam bibir, and make it plump gitu. Although bila apply tu rasa la waxy macam thick gila tapi jangan la apply thick sangat. Just nice je.

Untuk lagi best, I normally scrub my lips dulu, lepastu apply this lip mask sebelum tidur. Bila bangun tidur, memang chapped lips, dryness, flakiness semua hilang. This really helps kalau suka sangat matt lipstick kan bibir asyik kering.

Memang bibir jadi better lepas pakai ni. Dia takde lah pink kan bibir dengan the not natural menghakis tu. Tapi nampak la the natural reddish pink warna natural bibir tu memang jadi lah.

I totally LOVE this product.

They also have in grapefruit, apple lime and vanilla!


That's all. Thanks for reading!

*Not a paid/sponsored post. This is based on my personal experience.


  1. I do love this.. been using this on off since last year and it is perfect...

  2. I also will say yes to it as I love the lip sleeping mask. Nice smell too.

  3. its my favourite. I used it every night!

  4. Mesti best ni pakai sebelum tidur

  5. macam2 produk sekarang ni kan...saya pakai cetaphil je...

  6. Tak reti pakai benda2 macam nie sebelum tidur.. lebih2 lagi bila masa tidur pun tak menentu.. Tau2 dah terlelap

  7. Setuju sangat dengan kepentingan spatula tu. Biasa kita colek colek je kan dalam barang kosmetik kite. Tapi bila kita buat macam tu, kuman kuman dan bakteria masuk. Lagi selamat kalau pakai spatula

  8. Selalu jaga bahagian muka sampai lupa penjagaan bibir. Sekarang pun Alja dah start jaga bibir, taknak ada kulit mati atau terlalu kering. So bibir takde lah nampak gelap disbbkam banyak pakai lipstick.

  9. Boleh cuba beli ni. Mesti hilang mslh bibir kering. Owhhhh itu guna spatula yerk. Heheheg mmg selalku calit pakai jari jerk.

  10. I wanna try out this lip sleeping mask. But afraid I finish it even before go to sleep. lol

  11. Cute nya spatula tu. Pernah dengan brand laneige. Tapi tak pernah try lagi.

  12. Laneige ni produk yang bagus. Any product dia sesuai dengan kulit ruby juga. Sebab dia sejuk. Hehehe. Ruby suka produk sejuk2 ni. Hehe

  13. iman! i pakai ni jugak! every night before sleep i wajib pakai ni dan iman! love ur life and love ur instagram too,hihihihihihi

  14. I love laneige sleeping mask.. Using it.. :) best!

  15. Alamak. Nie yang rasa terus nak buka Althea nie. Bahaya sungguh hasil review Iman nie... hahaha. Thanks for sharing ye.

  16. i love this lip mask, makes my lips super soft and supple every morning!

  17. bestnye lip mask ni..nmpak moist je

  18. Do you apply this lip sleeping mask everyday?

  19. Owhhh ada utk lip jugak ya. Sis ada utk muka dia je

  20. Oooo.. I have tried their sleeping mask before but not the lip one. Should check this out sometime. Now I still got alot of lipbalm to use...kena rajin rajin pakai. Most of the time I forget..lol

  21. Ah I've only seen the pink tube! Didn't know there are other varieties. Thanks for sharing.