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Top 5 Most Popular Post for 2018

Top 5 Most Popular Post for 2018

1. Basic skincare routine (drugstore version)

I shared about products that you can get from drugstore (Guardian / Watsons etc) to start a basic routine.

The basics: Cleanser - Moisturizer - Sunscreen.

2. How to reduce acne scars?

I shared about how to reduce acne scars or parut jerawat yang warna gelap (brown) and warna merah merah.

3. Hydrating toners that I've tried

About hydrating toners that I have tried.

4. Apa nak buat kalau kulit breakout?

This is one of the most requested topic, sebab ramai sangat orang tanya macam mana nak buat kalau kulit breakout, especially kalau lepas pakai produk yang merbahaya. So this is for you :)

5. How to choose a facial cleanser?

Macam mana nak pilih pencuci muka. I ada listkan ciri ciri pencuci muka yang best and sepatutnya korang cari.

That's all. Hope it helps :)