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Vitamins In Skincare

Vitamins in skincare products that are good for your skin.

1. Vitamin A (Retinol)
Retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients. It can reduce wrinkles and firm your skin. However, it may irritate your skin, sensitive to sun, and better to avoid it you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

I don't have any experience with retinol but here are some few products that contains retinol or retinol derivatives. Please baca dulu about retinol because this is not for someone yang skincare routine dia baru nak start or basic sangat. Strictly not for beginners.

2. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)
I don't know how many times I've mentioned about niacinamide. For brightening? Yes. Fight acne and regulate sebum? Yes. It can also reduce the appearance of pores (pores tak boleh kecilkan tapi kita boleh buat dia kurang nampak)

Also a brightening ingredients. You can read about brightening ingredients here: https://www.imanabdulrahim.com/2019/01/brightening-ingredients.html

3. Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)
Vitamin B5 is actually pantothenic acid. Panthenol is the alcohol form of pantothenic acid and it is also known as pro-vitamin B5. Panthenol is one of the best ingredient used in skincare. It is a humectant (tarik/attract air kedalam kulit) and very good for hydration. 

1. Bio-Essence Vitamin B5 Gel

4. Vitamin C
This is also one of my fav ingredient for brightening, nak kurangkan kulit kusam, reduce pigmentation, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and nak firmkan kulit.

5. Vitamin E (tocopherol)
One of the best ingredient and well researched anti-oxidant. However, based on research, Vitamin E tak effective sangat untuk scars, although banyak tips yang I dengar, Vitamin E is good for scars.

1. The Body Shop Vitamin E line
4. Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin F
To represent fatty acids of linoleic acid and linolenic acid

You can read about it here, based on Paulaschoice's website

Vitamin K (phytonadione)
There's a study suggested that Vitamin K can reduce dark circles however, tak banyak product yang ada Vitamin K and jarang sangat jumpa.

That's all. Hope it helps :)