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Empties (Jan/Feb 2019)

Empties (Jan/Feb 2019)

1. Naturals Blood Orange Body Scrub
It claims to brighten your skin for more youthful and luminous skin. It contains walnut shell powder that might be a bit harsh on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin. I don't really like the weird scent but it does brighten up the skin. I guna sampai habis so it's worth to try.

2. CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar
This is the second bottle I emptied. And will repurchase! This one is for your hair. It claims to optimize the scalp environment, strengthen your hair, and for a refreshed, super soft and lustrous feeling. I will always use this as the last step after shampoo and conditioner. I suka bau dia best, buat rambut rasa lembut and manageable.

3. Paula's Choice Hydrating Gel-to-Cream Cleanser*
A gentle, low pH cleanser with no irritating ingredients. What more can you ask from a cleanser? The cleanser is really comfortable and doesn't makes my skin feels tight or pedih lepas guna. 

4. Watsons Gel Body Scrub
I love the scent of this scrub but it's quite harsh on the body. It also contains walnut shell powder. Might not repurchase but I like the packaging and the berry scent.

5. The Body Shop Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream*
It claims to firm the skin. Due to the high caffeine content, research claims boleh kurangkan selulit. I do see some minor improvement but I jarang guna so maybe tak nampak lah the desired effect.

6. Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream
I bought this because of the ceramide. I like ceramide in my moisturizer to maintain my skin barrier. I don't really like the jar packaging but the moisturizer works really well for my skin. 

7. The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA
My second AHA. The first one I finished was Lactic Acid 5%. Then I guna Mandelic Acid 10%. IT is gentler than Lactic Acid. I like this one as my chemical exfoliate, to reduce tiny bumps and makes my skin smoother. Kalau rasa texture kulit macam tak best, I akan pakai this one!

8. Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water
For cooling, soothing and moisturizing effect. I think face mist is one of the most important thing you always need to have and I like this one! It is also suitable for babies.

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought all the products using my own money except the ones I marked with (*) that I received as PR gifts. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)