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Wardah Sun Care Sunscreen Gel SPF30 Review

I've been eye-ing on Wardah skincare for quite a long time tapi tak terbeli beli. So this is the first Wardah skincare that I've tried.

I bought this sebenarnya masa emergency, I tengah travel and lost my sunscreen so as backup, I bought this Wardah sunscreen for RM16.90 at Watsons. For me, the price is quite affordable!

It comes in a 40 ml plastic squeezable tube with a flap cap. I like this packaging, senang nak guna and penutup tak senang hilang. I wish ALL my sunscreens are in this packaging :( In terms of packaging, I suka. Dah lah design cantik juga for me.

Texture and finishing
I has a white-ish gel-like consistency, that leaves a very minimal white cast. Tapi bila dah fully absorb, tak ada pun nampak whitecast sangat, tak ada tone-up effect kononnya tu. So I suka! It is a bit sticky and greasy, I don't think people with oily skin will enjoy this sunscreen.

A floral chemical-ish sunscreen scent... Which I don't really enjoy

My experience
Like I mentioned before, I bought this sebab emergency so nak taknak, pakai je lah. Tak sempat nak baca reviews sangat (pls jangan tiru)

At first I applied, rasa panas panas tapi I assume kulit I tengah sensitive and berdoa tak ada benda buruk berlaku. Tak ada lah rasa pedih or muka jadi merah merah. Okay je.

So I continue pakai for 3-4 days. And then ada a few breakouts. So... I syak this sunscreen sebab ni je benda baru yang I pakai. (Or maybe sebab hormone, environment, food... Well, we'll never know....)

So anyways, I tried to check at Cosdna, so this is the result:

I'm not sure which ingredient that triggered it, maybe the chemical filter? Apa apa pun, depends on how your skin react. I've stopped using this sunscreen.

Pros: No alcohol, very minimal white cast, the texture is good for dry skin, good packaging

Cons: Quite sticky for oily skin, contains fragrance

Recommended for?
I'm not sure I'll recommend this product but if you have dry skin and your skin is not sensitive, maybe you can try this.....? But please patch test before using this.

Who will not love this?
Oilier / sensitive skin.

Will I repurchase?

That's all, thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought this with my own money. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)