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Hada Labo Premium UV Gel Review

Another sunscreen review, Hada Labo Premium UV Gel.

I generally love Hada Labo products because it suits my skin.

It comes in a 50 ml blue plastic squeezable tube with a screwable white cap. I don't really like screwable cap sebab leceh and senang hilang. But I like the tube sebab senang nak picit. Macam biasa, I tak faham langsung apa yang dia tulis dekat packaging belakang tu, selain word "50g" and "MADE IN JAPAN"

Texture and finishing
I has a white-ish gel-like consistency, that doesn't leave any white cast. Kalau ada pun, very minimal. It is quite sticky bila sapu dekat muka and will leave a slight tacky feeling. Macam melekit gitu which I honestly like since I have dry skin. However, if you have oily skin and selalu berpeluh, this might be a bit greasy for you. Maybe kena selalu blot and finish it dengan powder so that it will reduce the oiliness.


It has no noticeable scent since it has no fragrance, macam product Hada Labo yang lain. Dia rasa natural takde bau gitu.

I tried to search for the ingredients, either from Hada Labo Malaysia's website, Watsons, Guardian, Hermo, but I can't find the ingredient list. The only ingredient list is from Cosdna, link here: http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_baf6194754.html

I am not sure whether this list is valid or not, but I'll update once I've found the valid and updated ingredient list. Although there is no fragrance etc, there is still alcohol. Tapi okay je since it is not top 3 so for me, I okay je.

It reminds me of the Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence, review here: http://imanabdulrahim.blogspot.my/2018/03/sunkiller-perfect-water-essence-review.html

Almost the same packaging, same texture, same finishing. This one tak ada bau citrus yang kuat (which is a good thing), cuma dia ada alcohol and paraben (for people yang nak avoid alcohol and paraben)

Pros: No fragrance, no white cast (kalau ada pun, very minimal), great for dry skin

Cons: Quite sticky for oily skin, quite expensive

You can get this from Watsons, Guardian, Hermo for RM53.90. Sunkiller is around RM26 which is half the price of Hada Labo but if you don't like the scent of Sunkiller, you can try this one.

Rate: 4/5

Recommended for?
Dry skin.

Who will not love this?
Oilier skin.

Will I repurchase?
If there's a sale like 50%, maybe yes.

That's all, thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. Every skin is different. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my personal experience)