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Personal Shopper for Sephora Halloween Sale 2017

For Halloween haritu, Sephora ada buat sale up to 60% discount, tapi bukan semua items la. Only selected. But the deals were soooo good! Sebab kena order RM900 baru dapat 60% off, I pun gigih kumpul order. And kena order pakai apps je.

Half barang yang I tolong order kan.

My first breastfeeding journey | 9 months

I have been fully direct breastfeeding Maysaa for 9 months. Fuh 9 months dah. I never thought I'll gonna make it this far.

My weekly skincare routine for pores

My weekly skincare routine! Yang ni I buat seminggu sekali je. Additional to my normal skincare routine.

AIR OPTIX plus HydraGlyde Review | My current everyday lens!

Hi! So today I am going to review this Air Optix plus HydraGlyde. Scroll down to read more!

My current go-to lipsticks

Sebab asyik skincare je, lama tak review pasal makeups. So here is my go-to lipsticks sekarang!

Duckcosmetices, Maybelline, Tarte