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My current go-to lipsticks

Sebab asyik skincare je, lama tak review pasal makeups. So here is my go-to lipsticks sekarang!

Duckcosmetices, Maybelline, Tarte

I'm into bullet lipstick now. Dah malas pakai liquid lipstick especially matte because entah lah, preference masing masing lah kan haha bullet lipstick lagi senang nak apply, for me.

And of course, warna semua natural je, nothing fancy. Just untuk pakai everyday gitu je. Basic basic je :P

My current go to lipsticks yang I selalu pakai:

1. Maybelline shade Touch Of Nude. Around RM20++ dekat any drugstore
2. Duckcosmetics LipStickWitU Bubbly Carol. RM70.
3. Tarte Sunkissed. RM90 tapi kalau dekat website Sephora Malaysia, RM98.

I'm wearing Maybelline Touch of Nude. It's matte but smooth. Tak rasa kering langsung bibir. I really like the colour, sooooo pigmented and tahan lama jugak. For a drugstore lipstick, this is soooo worth it. FULLY RECOMMENDED. Tapi sebenarnya lipstick ni dah patah tapi still boleh guna hahaha

Duckcosmetics LipstickWitU Bubbly Carol. Packaging dia extra sikit sebab magnetic tapi tu je lah. It's creamy, tak tahan lama. Comfortable but quite sticky. Rasa macam pakai lipstick. The feeling is there la. Tapi sebab dah beli kan, pakai je laaaaa.  I suka warna dia walaupun bau dia tak best. 

Tarte Sunkissed. It looks kind of pucat to me, but I really like the peachy-coral colour. It's matte but hydrating. Comfortable on my lips tapi sometimes a bit drying. Tahan lama jugak even minum air and makan, tapi kalau makan maggi, tak tahan la obviously. Also read: [REVIEW] TARTE COSMETICS RAINFOREST OF THE SEA COLOR SPLASH LIPSTICK

Lens: Freshlook Sterling Grey
Eyebrow pencil: TheFaceShop
Mascara: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1
Highlighter: Tarte Exposed
Blusher: Tarte Partaaay
Concealer: Colourpop
(No eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation)

That's all. Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. I bought the product using my own money. What works for me, might not work for you. And, every preference is different. This is just my personal experience)