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Convocation day!

Alhamdulillah, after 3 semesters of foundation and 9 semesters of degree, I finally graduated with Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics-Computer Information Engineering)

It was quite a journey. Habiskan foundation dalam masa setahun setengah because of course, UIA kan kena belajar Arab and English. Unless memang power Arab & English, boleh lah buat foundation setahun. Yang average average je, tiga semester baru habis haha.

We did a preconvo photoshoot! Sebab I know my husband during second semester of my degree so banyak kenangan dekat UIA so why not photoshoot dekat UIA jugak he he he

This green engineering jacket. At first masuk UIA, I thought siapalah pakai jacket ni, rupanya student engineering kena pakai k jacket ni time masuk lab/workshop. And memang wajib pakai masa subject first year, Workshop Engineering (which I hated the most sebab panas gila dalam workshop). 

Pictures during the convocation day.

My whole family. My backbone. They all came to my graduation day!

My husband, my parents, and my parents in law, who trusted us to kahwin time belajar :p

With my husband and my sister in law. Tiga tiga boleh convo satu session, senang semua sekali gus.

Post convo.

This one is at Taman Saujana Hijau Putrajaya. Macam tempat wajib buat photoshoot je. Sebenarnya teman kakak ipar but alang alang dah sampai, why not. Tapi panas gilaaaaa, sabar je lah.

Anddd, one of the funniest thing, I did an instagram post on kahwin time belajar sempena our convocation which is just for fun lah caption dia (obviously) hahaha and Oh Bulan posted on their website.....

After this, master and PhD maybe? Hahaha #KalauRajin

[REVIEW]: Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner

Lately I've been into korean skin care products because hello, sekarang kan trend K-Beauty and it's easy to get the products with affordable price so why not?

Product name: Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner

A toner basically is an important product for the skincare routine. Normally used after cleansing your face.The function is remove any impurities and dirts, shrinking your pores and balancing your skin's PH level. Before this, I normally use ice rub method to reduce my pores and refreshing my face. Sapu sapu ice kat muka, k siap! Tak payah pakai toner :p

What it claims:

  • Hydrating and Intense Moisturizing
  • Provides moisture to your skin instantly
  • Leaving your skin moist and clean
  • Contains water-riched lettuce and cucumber extract with 99% water

Packaging: Hard plastic. At first I thought it's a glass. The cap really secures the product so it won't spill. However, I have a bit of a problem to dispense the product. Sometimes dia taknak keluar, kena shake kuat kuat sikit baru nak keluar. 180ml.

Texture & scent:
It's not that watery, thicker consistency than water. The smell is very fresh and nice. I love it!

How to use:
After cleansing your face, pour a bit of this toner on your cotton pad and pat gently on your face to absorb it.

My thought & review:
Contains parfum and fragrance which stings my skin a bit, but I still can ignore it. Suitable for my dry skin since it really moisturize my skin and my redness almost gone. Before using this toner, the redness on my face lagi lagi dekat the nose area is quite obvious but right now, dah makin berkurang. Absorbs ready quick into my skin and doesn't feel sticky. Minimizes my pores. Feels fresh after using it.

Totally gonna repurchase!

Price & where to buy:
I bought it for RM33 at Althea website. You can also get them at Skin Food's physical store kalau rajin. Click here!

*Not a sponsored post, just my honest review

Althea Haul!

My first time purchase from Althea! Selama ni tengok tengok but I prefer to buy at physical store sebab takde alamat tetap, nanti entah kemana parcel pergi, malas nak pi collect dekat post office, malas nak tunggu, lagi suka belek belek ha macam macam la alasan malas beli online.

And, dulu Althea takde debit card payment method, they only have paypal and credit card, lagi la malas nak beli from Althea. Now dah boleh bayar pakai debit card!

What it claims. Althea is direct from Korean and it's 100% authentic.

What I bought:
1. Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner for RM33. (Review soon!)
2. Skin Food Brightening Eye Cream (for the dark circles...) for RM55
3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for RM14/each! Review here!

Placed order: 26th Oct 2016 (Wednesday)
Shipping: 31st Oct 2016 (Monday)
Arrived: 3rd Nov 2016 (Thursday)

Took 8 days to arrive. Okay lah sebab it's direct from Korea kan. I bought these masa ada offer, RM99 free shipping (Normally RM150 above baru free shipping).

The price is affordable, cheaper from the physical store, and the packaging is so cute, totally gonna buy from Althea again!

*Bought using my own money, not a paid review!

LAZADA Malaysia Haul (Baby's Stuff)

I never ordered anything from Lazada by myself, so I decided to order some baby's stuff! Because it's so cute and hard to resist!

What I bought: 
- 6 pieces washcloth for RM 16.72
- 3 pieces muslin cotton swaddles for RM 59.60
- Grooming kit for only RM 27.60 (omg so cheap!)

Semua barang sampai sebelum expected arrival date. Seminggu je dah sampai. So fast!

Washcloth. Buat as sapu tangan ke lap apa apa ke. It's soft and I loooove the colours. So cute. Ada satu lagi warna biru tapi Marwan dah ambil yang tu haha

Muslin swaddles. Nak buat bedung baby tapi it's a bit small, only 70cm x 70cm. Time beli tu lupa nak tengok size, gelojoh sangat. Boleh la buat selimut ke alas ke

THIS. IS. THE. CUTEST. I. CANT. RESIST. Im not even sure whether its good or not, tapi thermometer tu macam tak function sangat je hahaha but thats okay sebab its to cheap, dapat tengok and pegang pun dah happy. Macam mainan je.

I am so happy with the shopping experience from Lazada, rasa nak beli banyak banyak lagi barang baby :P

MGTT (Ujian Air Gula)

During my 29th week of pregnancy checkup, my doctor suruh buat MGTT untuk make sure ibu mengandung takde GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus), which is kencing manis semasa mengandung. The reason, sebab berat badan naik banyak hahaha kfine

So I booked my session dekat klinik dekat dengan rumah je sebab senang and weekend. Kena puasa start pukul 10 malam and esoknya pukul 8 pagi pergi klinik, doctor ambil darah dekat lengan *nangis*

Lepastu nurse bagi minum air gula, which I read sangat tak sedap, nak termuntah lah etc etc, tapi bila minum, okay je? Taklah manis sangat nak muntah.

Kena minum satu gelas air gula yang pekat.

Then, kena tunggu dua jam. Sementara dua jam tu, Marwan beli breakfast kuih keria omg dah lah teringin pastu dia saja je makan sensorang kfine takpe

Balik rumah kejap, dah lah perut kosong, lepastu mula lah pening nak muntah. Poyo sangat tadi minum air gula konon macam takde apa apa kan.

Lepas dua jam, pergi klinik balik untuk ambil darah kali kedua. Tangan belah kiri pulak. *nangis second time*

Kena tunggu dua hari untuk dapat result.

Bacaan normal sebelum minum air gula: < 5.8 mmol/L
My result: 3.7 mmol/L

Bacaan normal lepas dua jam: <6.8 mmol/L
My result: 3.8 mmol/L

*bacaan normal ni based on apa yang my doctor nak

Conclusion: Lulus dengan jayanya so tak payah diet and jaga makan! Yay!

Cost: RM50