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LAZADA Malaysia Haul (Baby's Stuff)

I never ordered anything from Lazada by myself, so I decided to order some baby's stuff! Because it's so cute and hard to resist!

What I bought: 
- 6 pieces washcloth for RM 16.72
- 3 pieces muslin cotton swaddles for RM 59.60
- Grooming kit for only RM 27.60 (omg so cheap!)

Semua barang sampai sebelum expected arrival date. Seminggu je dah sampai. So fast!

Washcloth. Buat as sapu tangan ke lap apa apa ke. It's soft and I loooove the colours. So cute. Ada satu lagi warna biru tapi Marwan dah ambil yang tu haha

Muslin swaddles. Nak buat bedung baby tapi it's a bit small, only 70cm x 70cm. Time beli tu lupa nak tengok size, gelojoh sangat. Boleh la buat selimut ke alas ke

THIS. IS. THE. CUTEST. I. CANT. RESIST. Im not even sure whether its good or not, tapi thermometer tu macam tak function sangat je hahaha but thats okay sebab its to cheap, dapat tengok and pegang pun dah happy. Macam mainan je.

I am so happy with the shopping experience from Lazada, rasa nak beli banyak banyak lagi barang baby :P