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[REVIEW]: Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner

Lately I've been into korean skin care products because hello, sekarang kan trend K-Beauty and it's easy to get the products with affordable price so why not?

Product name: Skin Food Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner

A toner basically is an important product for the skincare routine. Normally used after cleansing your face.The function is remove any impurities and dirts, shrinking your pores and balancing your skin's PH level. Before this, I normally use ice rub method to reduce my pores and refreshing my face. Sapu sapu ice kat muka, k siap! Tak payah pakai toner :p

What it claims:

  • Hydrating and Intense Moisturizing
  • Provides moisture to your skin instantly
  • Leaving your skin moist and clean
  • Contains water-riched lettuce and cucumber extract with 99% water

Packaging: Hard plastic. At first I thought it's a glass. The cap really secures the product so it won't spill. However, I have a bit of a problem to dispense the product. Sometimes dia taknak keluar, kena shake kuat kuat sikit baru nak keluar. 180ml.

Texture & scent:
It's not that watery, thicker consistency than water. The smell is very fresh and nice. I love it!

How to use:
After cleansing your face, pour a bit of this toner on your cotton pad and pat gently on your face to absorb it.

My thought & review:
Contains parfum and fragrance which stings my skin a bit, but I still can ignore it. Suitable for my dry skin since it really moisturize my skin and my redness almost gone. Before using this toner, the redness on my face lagi lagi dekat the nose area is quite obvious but right now, dah makin berkurang. Absorbs ready quick into my skin and doesn't feel sticky. Minimizes my pores. Feels fresh after using it.

Totally gonna repurchase!

Price & where to buy:
I bought it for RM33 at Althea website. You can also get them at Skin Food's physical store kalau rajin. Click here!

*Not a sponsored post, just my honest review