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Jinjja Chicken @ The Gardens Mall

 At Jinjja Chicken, The Gardens Mall

About JINJJA Chicken
JINJJA Chicken is a Korean Fast Casual Chain Restaurant, operating with the vision of taking the idea of fast casual dining beyond just fried chicken and fries. It serves up familiar, uniquely Korean meal fixes whipped up with daily staples such as noodles and rice – comparable to what burgers and sandwiches are to the West. 

Replicating not just the dishes but also the preparation methods, JINJJA Chicken sources for ingredients and recipes from all over Korea. Avoiding as much as possible the excessive use of preservatives, additives and overly processed ingredients, JINJJA Chicken firmly believes that it is possible to serve food that is delicious, fast, affordable and also good for you.

The interior design is very vibrant with yellow, red and blue as the main colour. The ambiance is also nice and friendly. To order, you can straight away order at the counter and you'll receive a buzzer. Once your food is done, the buzzer will vibrate and you can pick up your food at the counter.

Sila lah pickup makanan, jangan lupa sudu garfu and sos ye.

Ada banyak pilihan menu. Yang signature menu of course lah ayam. Ada Jinjja Wings and Jinjja Drumsticks. Boleh pilih nak soy garlic, yangnyeom, monster. Monster ni yang paling pedas!

Noodles pun ada juga. Ada Jjamppong which is a spicy seafood noodle soup, JjajangMyeon which is a Korean Black Bean Noodles and Bibim Myeon which is a Korean mixed vegetables and noodles.

This is Jjamjja Myeon which is Jjamppong and Jjajangmyeon. 2 in 1 gitu.

Bibim Myeon

Kalau taknak jugak makan noodles, they also have Bap Rice, Kimbap, Burgers and Salads.

Chicken Burger.

You can also order side dishes such as fries, tteokbokki and mandu.

If you wanna take home some sauces, they have four types of sauces yang jorang boleh beli and bawa balik.
1. Ganjang (Soy Garlic Sauce)
2. Gochujang (Korean All Purpose Hot Pepper Sauce)
3. Yangnyeom (Korean Hot Sauce) 
4. Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Sauce)

The sauce is halal and vegan friendly. Sebotol RM12.90, tapi kalau twin pack, RM20.90.

Kalau korang suka pedas, wajib try their MONSTER Sauce (extra hot sauce) serve with their chicken menu. 

Yang ni lah Monster Sauce tu.

Untuk yang risau about status halal, the restaurant is HALAL in Singapore and is applying for Halal in Malaysia. Hopefully they'll get the Halal status as soon as possible. Semua sumber makanan dia daripada halal source and sijil ada letak dekat kedai. So kalau was was, you guys boleh minta nak tengok sijil halal supplier :)

For students, korang just flash je student card korang and boleh dapat RM5 off from Set Meals. Amboi bestnya dapat discount!

Location: LG-241A, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall (Bawah Robinsons)
 Operation hours: 10.00AM – 10.00PM


LG2.47 Sunway Pyramid

For more information, you can visit their social media: