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My first trimester essentials

1. Minyak cap kapak - This is my life saver. Everyday memang sapu dekat kepala and dahi because I can't stand the smell of everything. The smell of the office, the toilet (padahal perfume toilet), and all the foods.

2. Vicks - helps with my nausea. I normally rub it under my nose to prevent other weird smells. Bau vicks sepanjang hari pun takpe.

3. Plastic bag and tissues- to vomit every time after I had my meal, I'm used to the routine and just prepare plastic to puke after each meal. And always ada plastik dalam kereta. Lots of them.

4. Asam - to prevent the nausea. Always ada dalam bag. Segala jenis asam beli.

5. Baby Bump Apps. I totally love this apps because I can know how many weeks I am, the size of the baby and daily tips!

6. Body lotion - At first I bought Palmer's but I hated the smell! So I tried to avoid that by using my aloe vera gel (review here) which soothes my tummy and hopefully, can prevent stretch marks.

7. Water. For hydration since muntah banyak and tak larat makan.

8. Journals and baby books - Bought at BookXcess, Fahrenheit 88. The price is so cheaaaaap! I bought these during my 7 weeks.

9. Folic Acid - I started taking folic acids since 6 weeks, although takde lah makan setiap hari. I normally take my vitamins before I sleep to prevent nausea. Lepas makan terus tidur.

10. Lipbalm - Burt's Bees Lip Balm. My fav.

The products that I used worked for me but it may not work for you since every pregnancy is different, but hope it helps! Thanks for reading!

[Review] Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Product name: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Transparent green plastic tub. Big and bulky, not travel friendly, not hygienic sebab setiap kali nak guna kena celup berkali kali dalam tu. Better pakai spatula.

Texture & Scent: 
Sticky kalau apply banyak but it absorbs fast. Love the scent. Refreshing and natural! Rasa nak rendam muka dalam tu bila penat.

How to use:
Can use as a moisturizer, mask, makeup base and after shaving cream.

My thoughts:
My face feels tight and irritates when I used it as moisturizer/mask. I think its probably due to the alcohol & parfum. Hence kalau dekat muka, I used as undereye gel to reduce puffiness. Or maybe because my skin is a bit sensitive/dry.

However I love using it as body moisturizer! It reduces the dryness of my skin. And some plus point, since I'm pregnant, it is super great to reduce the itchiness of my tummy. Asal gatal je, sapu this gel to soothe my tummy and hopefully, can reduce stretchmarks (Berharap)

Memang wajib ada tepi katil, setiap malam pakai sebelum tidur.

Price & Where to buy
RM32.90 from Nature Republic's outlet. (I bought mine at Sunway Pyramid) Sometimes they got offer, 4 for RM100.

Can also get it from hermo.my and althea.kr for cheaper price!

Baik baik dengan fake products, especially from unauthorized online sellers.

OF COURSE! Very recommended!

That's all. Thank you for reading!

*Not a sponsored post

My dream came true vanity from IKEA (almost)

I've always wanted my own vanity table. A real one. Bukan meja lepastu alas dengan kain putih then letak semua makeups. My every day routine: berangan, buka website IKEA, kira budget.

And finally, for my 24th birthday, my husband bought me my dream vanity table from IKEA.

And gigih pasangkan memalam.


1) Two Alex drawers, RM280 each

2) Melltorp table top, RM159

It's quite big, I feel like buying a smaller one because it consumes space.

3) The cheapest tool, Marius, RM12.90

4) Mirror

I actually bought the other one, yang ada bekas kaca boleh letak barang, tapi tak jumpa pula dekat website IKEA.

The result:

I wanted to buy this light and mirror, 

Tapi susah nak drill dekat dinding and nanti nak pindah, satu hal pulak nak cabut.

Right now, I am so happy with my vanity! Cuma kerusi tak selesa kalau duduk lama lama. Nak a comfy chair please.

Maybe like this? :p

My fav place! <3

Thanks for reading.

My current go-to makeups

My current favs yang bila nak makeup, terus pakai yang ni je, cuma warna lipsticks je bertukar.

1. Foundation : Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

Why I love it: 
Lightweight, tak tebal sangat macam normal foundation (obviously because this is a tinted moisturizer), great for my dry skin because it doesnt emphasis the dry patches, enough to cover the redness and dullness of my skin. Has SPF. Paling penting, tak rasa macam pakai foundation pun, just perfect!

Im in shade light-medium.

Price: RM164
Where to get: Sephora Malaysia

2. Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin

Why I love it:
Great coverage for my dark circles. (Bad dark circles due to working depan laptop more than 12 hours/day zzzz). Isnt drying, and normally concealer for under eyes akan crease but this one, minimal creasing although I need to set it with a loose powder. Has a wide range of shades and undertone, mine is in Light - Warm.

Price: RM105
Where to get: Sephora Malaysia or Urban Decay

3. Eyeshadow: Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte

Why I love it:
The packaging is so pretty, senang nak bawak travel because it has a big mirror, AND ALL PRETTY MATTE EYESHADOWS. 

Especially Force Of Nature, Natural Beauty and Best Friend! It has enough colours for base (semua yang belah kiri, and sometimes can use as under brow highlight), transition colours and crease. 

The swatches from left to right, ikut turutan macam dalam the palette.

Price: RM175
Where to get: Sephora Malaysia

4. Eyeliner: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner

Why I love it: Easy to use, easy to remove. Senang kerja I yang tangan bukan nya reti nak berseni ni.
Price: RM29.90 tapi normally ada discount
Where to get: Watsons, Guardian, any pharmacy yang ada Maybelline

5. Mascara: Essence I Love Crazy Volume Mascara

Why I love it: Easy to use, easy to remove. Tak waterproof okay, so senang nak remove and bukan nak pakai lama sangat pun.
Price: RM16.90
Where to get: Watsons yang carry brand Essence

6. Blusher & Bronzer: Elf St. Lucia

Why I love it: Suddenly I'm loving the subtle look when wearing the blusher, nice peachy natural shade! Mini review: here. Also for the browkit.

7. Highlighter: Essence Soo Glow!

Why I love it: The pinkish shade of highlight, nampak macam bersinar dari jauh haha mini review about Essence's product, here

8. Setting spray : Urban Decay all nighter

Why I love: Sebab ada satu je setting spray so pakai je lah yang ni hahaha. Doesnt irritates my skin.

Why I bought: Because I couldnt find NYX Dewy Setting Spray so I just bought this. Great for dry/combination skin, and some claimed that kalau spray this thing on your makeup, masuk swimming pool pun makeup tak hilang! (Tak pernah try lagi). And nama pun all nighter, it can last all night (kalau pakai makeup all night).

Price: I bought the travel version RM55. Full size is RM130
Where to get: Sephora Malaysia and Urban Decay.

Hasil dia:

Jadilah macam ni.... (Takde gambar selfie lah pulak)

That's all. Thanks for reading! xx

**All bought using my own money, bukan review berbayar

[REVIEW] E.L.F Cosmetics

I got these ELF makeups about 4 months ago, tapi sekarang baru sempat nak review! Bought it from my husband's friend, tiba tiba je Marwan offer, "Nak makeup ELF tak? Bagi lah list kalau nak". Eh jangan offer offer, terus I buat list. Satu malam tak tidur sebab nak pilih apa.... #gigih

Blush Palette (Light)
Got four gorgeous shades, but I normally use the first and second one. (Pink barbie gitu and orangey shade which sometimes I use for bronzing)

A little powdery. Best kalau buttery/creamy (lembut macam butter gitu, baru lah senang nak apply dekat pipi, takdelah berdebu debu). One of the reason why I bought this palette is because Kathleen Lights recommended it in this video: here! You can skip to minute 12.54. Overall, I like this blush sebab senang nak apply, matte, pigmented (pakai sikit pun dah nampak, kalau pakai banyak nanti nampak macam clown pulak), affordable and got a huge mirror. Senang bawak travel.

Light pink, light brown peach(orangey), mauve-rosy pink, coral pink

Contouring Blush & Bronzing powder in St Lucia

I love ELF because of the sleek design, all black and most importantly, casing dia tak senang terbuka so tak risau dia terbuka dalam makeup bag, nanti habis bersepah. I bought this because people claim that it is a dupe for NARS Orgasm Blusher and Laguna Bronzer. When I read about this, Im like, okay, KENA BELI.

The blusher which is in peachy pink shade, is a bit shimmering. Kalau kulit melayu ni, macam tak nampak sangat pun blusher dia so I rarely use this blusher. The bronzer is matte cool brown shade, suitable for contouring for beginners! My one and only bronzer for contouring right now haha because sebelum ni pakai brown eyeshadow je for contouring. #serbaguna

Prism Eyeshadow in Sunset

I honestly don't know why I bought this palette. At first I wanted to buy another one tapi dah habis stock, so I settled for this one. The only colour that attracts me is the gold one. All are shimmery, pigmented, almost creamy. I rarely use this palette because of the colours, tak natural for everyday use and taktahu nak pakai pergi mana so..... Memang tak pakai sangat.

But if you love the shimmering and the colours, then buy! The quality is quite good and its gorgeous! Look at the colours!

Brow Kit (dark)
The dark one is the gel, the lighter one is the powder. Used it to make my brows more 'defined' tapi macam takde beza pun bila pakai... Easy to apply, but the brush tu macam tak best sangat.

Matte Lip Colour in Praline
The first time I saw the swatch, I'm like, OKAY NAK. But of course, bila pakai je mesti jadi warna lain dari swatch. Here is me, wearing the lipstick.

Abaikan orang sebelah tu, sebab dia watak yang tak penting dalam review ini.

How the swatch looks like in google:

Apparently its too brown for my skin tone, I was imagining a pinkier tone. Hence, tak best nak pakai selalu. It's pigmented and matte, and I'd love to try out other colours. Maybe next time bila ada peluang.

That's all. Thanks for reading!