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My dream came true vanity from IKEA (almost)

I've always wanted my own vanity table. A real one. Bukan meja lepastu alas dengan kain putih then letak semua makeups. My every day routine: berangan, buka website IKEA, kira budget.

And finally, for my 24th birthday, my husband bought me my dream vanity table from IKEA.

And gigih pasangkan memalam.


1) Two Alex drawers, RM280 each

2) Melltorp table top, RM159

It's quite big, I feel like buying a smaller one because it consumes space.

3) The cheapest tool, Marius, RM12.90

4) Mirror

I actually bought the other one, yang ada bekas kaca boleh letak barang, tapi tak jumpa pula dekat website IKEA.

The result:

I wanted to buy this light and mirror, 

Tapi susah nak drill dekat dinding and nanti nak pindah, satu hal pulak nak cabut.

Right now, I am so happy with my vanity! Cuma kerusi tak selesa kalau duduk lama lama. Nak a comfy chair please.

Maybe like this? :p

My fav place! <3

Thanks for reading.