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Pocky Cheer Up Campaign 2018

What is the Pocky Cheer UP Campaign? Continue reading to find out how to join and win Pocky Premiums!

As a normal human beings and a Malaysian (haha), there's a lot of things that makes us stressed and unhappy. Traffic jams, heavy rain, the scorching hot weather, works and assignments! Oh there's A LOT.

To spread positivity, Pocky has introduced Pocky Cheer Up Squad. It's all about spreading happiness for your friends and family.

So, how can YOU participate in this campaign and win Pocky Premiums?

1. Constantly eye-ing on your friends or family, if they have upload any negative and sad post.
2. If you stop it, screenshot it!

2. Upload it on your instagram story.

3. Use the Cheer Up Squad Pack to make it happy. You can just swipe up and search #pocky 

4. Tag @pockymalaysia and your friend.

Best post will win Pocky premiums (both you and your friend!). Contest ends on 3rd November 2018.

So, let's share the happiness to make someone's day by surprising them and enjoy life's little pleasures, like a snack that will make you happy :)